Friday, July 1, 2011

week 15...

oh what a sweet little 15 week old girl we have!
isla started riding in her stroller like a big girl this week!
we had a play date with layton and sam last week!  i think everyone had a great time.  aren't they all just the cutest kiddos!  sam is the oldest (4 months), then isla (3 months), then layton (2 months). 
the cool boys (layton on the left and sam on the right)!  i work with these little boys momma's and i see many more play dates in our future.
sam was so cute with isla... 
layton was taking a little snooze during this play session!
isles is starting to look at and play with her toys... she loves sophie!
she also LOVES the backyardigans.  and i have to admit that i like them too.  they are 5 best friends that  share a backyard and play together everyday.  (for those of you that don't know it's like my dream to share a back yard with my bests.)  wouldn't that be awesome!!!  
bath time is still a favorite.  isn't the towel so cute.  my friend Lee from work gave it to isle!  (she is really packing on the pounds :)
it's so hot outside we have been trying to find other ways to keep ourselves entertained.  an afternoon at the galleria watching the ice skaters was so the perfect solution and isles loved it!
she was in such a great mood that day and i just love this headband that her auntie kat made her.   (speaking of kat... keep her and her husband, david in your prayers.  they just got 3 foster kiddos!!  we are so excited and proud of them.   they are the most beautiful little ones... i can't wait to meet them!)
she has such a sweet little personality... and she looks so grown up!
she really looks chubby in this picture!
i'm in love with this picture!

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