Friday, September 30, 2011

week 28...

happy 28 weeks!
isla watched her first aggie football game (on tv) this week... unfortunately it didn't turn out to great for the ags but isles had fun!
we have tried sweet potatoes and peaches this week and she loves them!!!  she would eat the whole jar if i let her.  i really have no idea how much food she is supposed to be eating or if there is too much!  we go to the doctor on monday for her 6 month appointment and i've already got a very long list of questions... poor doc!
isla is crawling!  i'm talking completely coordinated, such cute crawling!
she is pulling herself up to her knees and loves to look out the back door at abby!
our sweet friend lindsey let us borrow jack's exer-saucer and it has been a big hit this week...
isles is loving the new house!  there are lots of places to explore and she has been so helpful in organizing making a mess!
we took a little trip to hobby lobby this week and big girl sat in the cart and played the whole time!  we were there for just short of 2 hours... ridiculous!  i must of walked down every isle... twice!
sweet little love!
we love you isles!

Friday, September 23, 2011

week 27...

isla grace is 27 weeks and sweeter than ever!
it's been a crazy week at the baker house... we finally moved!!  
everyone knows that moving is not fun, well it's definitely not fun with a 6 month old!  
but it's done and we are getting things unpacked (which is going to take forever) and isles has been so helpful!
spoons, plates, and cups are excellent distractions...
but the wisk was the favorite!  
we could not have made this move without the help of my mom and dad.  seriously my mom was a life saver.  she entertained isles while joe and i packed, loaded, and moved everything!!  thanks so much nay nay and pops we love y'all so much and are so thankful for everything!  can't wait until we can help you move to the big D!
in the midst of moving we started some baby food.  i was told to give veggies first so we started with green beans... and that did not go over so well.  she hated it!  i can't really blame her so maybe we will just skip the veggies and try some fruit!
isla has been such a sweet girl with all this craziness going on... never mind that she didn't wear clothes for an entire day!
this video is so precious!  it's the last video taken in our old house.  
as you saw on the previous post isla had her first half birthday this week!  
love you big girl!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

happy half birthday!

happy half birthday to our sweet isla grace!
i made her a special shirt to celebrate her first half birthday.  she looks so adorable!
her 6 month doctor visit isn't for another couple of weeks so i will be back with the official stats.
here is what isla is up to at 6 months:

she is wearing 3-6 month clothes and size 3 diapers.
she is army crawling all over the place and is very close to full out crawling.
she laughs and talks all the time.
she can push herself up to sitting from her belly.
she loves going on walks, the swing, sitting in her high chair, and eating her cereal.
she is very aware of her surroundings and will watch you anywhere you move in the room.
she loves looking at herself in the mirror.
she goes to bed around 7:30 pm and wakes up about 8:30 am (yay!)
she takes 2 naps a day.  a good morning nap and let's just say the afternoon nap is hit or miss.
she loves her paci (and sleeps with about 6 of them).
she rubs her blanket against her cheek when she is tired.
there is so much expression in her eyes... they are beautiful.
she loves abby and being outside.
she holds her bottle.
she has a few favorite cartoons that really catch her attention... the backyardigans, fresh beat band, and mrs. spiders sunny patch friends.
she loves getting wrapped in her towel and snuggled after bath time.
she puts everything in her mouth.
she listens intently to any conversation you have with her.
she loves for you to sing to her.  especially in the car and at bedtime.
she loves to play in her crib and 'talk' to ollie and bunny.
she is still the happiest baby in the morning and has the biggest smile when you go in to get her. 
i'll warn you now... LOTS of pictures coming your way!  
isla is all over the place, which means i have to take a million pictures.  then i can't pick a favorite because she looks so cute in all of them!  so here you go...
Picnik collage
you see... there are just too many cute one's to choose from!
ok... just a few more!
Picnik collage
6 months ago our lives changed forever.  i don't think i could have ever imagined the amount of joy and love this little girl could bring to our family.  we love her more and more everyday.
happy half bday little lady!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

week 26...

someone is going to be 6 months old this weekend!!  
i mentioned that we started rice cereal last week.  i think she is definitely getting the hang of it this week. maybe we will try some baby food soon!
isles loves sitting in her high chair!
with the weather being so nice the past few days we made our first trip to the park.  let's just say it was a hit!!  isla absolutely loved the swings!
she is so chubby!!  it's fantastic!!
this video just makes me smile!  her little laugh is precious!  

little love is so active!  she is always on the move and you can't keep her still for a second!  if joe and i are sitting on the couch she will crawl back and forth between us.  i'm always finding her in a new place... like under tables and chairs!
her crawling has gotten so much better and she is so much faster!
here is a cute video of her crawling.  she loves the phone and will do anything to get to it!

i have been getting things packed up to move (yes it's finally happening!  i promise to post pics of the new house very soon) and isles has been helping.  pans, boxes, and spoons are a great distraction! 
i found this pic on joe's phone.  it was taken last weekend at kate's wedding (isla was almost passed out on my shoulder... way past her bedtime)!
isla really is such a happy baby!  she has brought so much laughter and love to our family, it's hard to imagine our lives without her.
we love you sweet girl!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

week 25...

i really can't believe how quickly each week goes by... it's already thursday...
and someone is already 25 weeks old!
these might be my favorite pics yet... she was really posing it up for the camera today!  

last friday was my 30th birthday!  that is definitely weird to say!  i'm looking forward to my 30's... i think there will be so many fun things in the next 10 years and so many changes... who know's what my life will look like when i turn 40!  
so my 30th birthday was spent at home with some of my very best friends... and it was perfect!  my friends kat, aimee, and brandie had a little party for me at our house.  they made some cute decorations and had lots of candy and some yummy peanut butter brownies!  kat and aimee found the brownie recipe on pinterest and even though it took like 4 hours to make them and 7 steps... they were delicious!!  it was just so special to celebrate my 30th with such wonderful friends.  thanks aimee, brandie, kat, shea, linds, kristen, and jules!  love you girls!
then on saturday one of my sweet friends, (she took isla's newborn pics) kate got married!!!  so we drove to austin for the wedding which was so gorgeous!  it really was one of my favorite weddings... simple, sweet, gorgeous venue,  and fun little personal touches like tiff's treats as favors!!  the only thing i'm sad about is that i don't have any pics... so sad!  as soon as they are posted on kate's blog i will be sure and share them.  congratulations kate and jo, we are just thrilled for you both!

sunday we spent a little time relaxing in the pool!
isla and meryl got to spend some good quality time together this weekend.  meryl is just so sweet with isles... they are too cute together.  meryl is always saying "isla hold you" and just pulls isla into her lap.  she gives her hugs and kisses.  i wish i had a video of meryl talking... she is so great with her words and her conversations are adorable!  these two are definitely going to be besties forever... BFFE!  (please excuse the blue boy jammies... you can tell who put her to bed)
aimee and meryl getting some cuddles in!
we have been spending more time outside this week because the weather has been so nice!!  i'll take 90 any day!
just playing with momma...
we also started rice cereal this week!  she is growing up so fast!  i have a video of the first bite but haven't uploaded it yet.  i will post it soon.  most of it ended up on her face or bib but she didn't seem to hate it!
we love you sweet girl!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

week 24...

i'm a little late with this week's post but here is our love at 24 weeks!
isla is moving all over the place and if i leave the room for a second i usually come back and find her under the table or chair licking the furniture!
she's so silly!
this is my favorite little pose!  she will randomly stop whatever she is doing and just lay propped on her side looking at you... it's hilarious!
still haven't quite mastered the crawl but she definitely works really hard at it everyday!
uncle brandon and uncle blaine came to visit last weekend!  we love our unc's!
gotta love those open mouth kisses from abby!
such a sweet baby girl!
she looks like she got caught doing something she wasn't supposed to...
we had a fun play date with sam and layton last week!
these three were so hilarious with each other.  isla kept squeezing layton's cute cheeks and petting sam's gorgeous hair (i think she was a little jealous)! 
layton and isles just checking each other out...
such sweet babies!
love that precious smile!
we love you isla grace!