Thursday, November 24, 2011

week 36...

happy thanksgiving!
we have so much to be thankful for this year...
a sweet and healthy little girl
loving, supportive, and helpful families
kind and thoughtful friends

here is miss isla on her first thanksgiving at 36 weeks...
sweet girl
it's amazing how many hours of entertainment a box can provide...
Picnik collage
what can i say the girl loves target..
Picnik collage
this week was pops birthday.  we attempted to make a sign but isla kept trying to eat it so this was the best picture i could get...
and she loves madewell just like her mama!
Picnik collage
for some reason isla decided that abby's toys were more fun this week...
Picnik collage
riding the tractor with bob the builder...
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one of my favorite things to do this time of year is go see the christmas tree at the galleria... it's so big and amazing!  we went this week and isla liked the tree but really loved the ice skaters.  she was so serious about watching them it was hilarious. 
Picnik collage
we spent thanksgiving with the bakers this year.  i wish i had pictures... i have no idea what i was thinking (or not thinking) not taking any pictures!  crazy!  it was a great day and isla loved meeting and playing with lots of family.  
Picnik collage
isles was loving all the toys at maw maw and paw paw's house.
she is growing up way to fast...
love you isles.
happy first thanksgiving!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

week 35...

miss isla grace is 8 months old!!
she is such a fun, happy little girl.  i can't believe how fast she is growing up.  she is learning and doing new things everyday.  
just a few things i want to remember about isla at 8 months...
crawling like a pro.
pulls up to standing on everything...  can even stand up with just her hand on the wall.
has stood without holding onto anything a couple of times (only for a few seconds).
loves the tv remote and our cell phones.
is learning to wave... that backwards wave is so cute.
throws her hands up in the air when we say 'yay' and clap.
still taking 2 naps a day.
has one tooth. 
is learning the word 'no' when she stands up in the bath tub.
is eating 3 meals of baby food a day and 4 bottles.
loves puffs.
babbles and talks a lot but no 'real' words yet.
has started to mimic sounds we make.
smiles and giggles when people talk to her at restaurants or stores.
she gives big open mouth kisses... love this!
more polka dots and stripes... and the cutest baby moccasins ever!
isla is fascinated with the carbon monoxide detector... weird.  and these windows are the perfect height for her.
Picnik collage
she loves watching abby in the backyard.  doesn't she look like a mini person when she stands up... so cute!
Picnik collage
we needed a new mattress for our guest bedroom so isla tested them all out for us.
Picnik collage
playing in the car (i promise we were parked not driving)!
Picnik collage
delaney, alaina, and i hosted a wedding shower for our sweet friend katie last weekend.  we had some fun work friends and yummy food.  here is katie... isn't she beautiful!  katie is seriously one of the sweetest, most fun, loyal, caring people i know.  we love you katie and can't wait for the big day!
Picnik collage
isla and sam loved each other! 
Picnik collage
jillian was so sweet and sharing with the babies...
Picnik collage
then jillian decided she needed a fancy bow to celebrate!
Picnik collage
another big event happened this week...
baby jet kingston lancaster was born!
isn't jet the cutest name ever!!  he has a big brother jack.  jack and jet.  love it!
so of course we made t-shirts to celebrate the occasion...
Picnik collage
isles was very excited to go meet jet!
Picnik collage
lindsey and chad kept baby jet's name a secret until after he was born.  so she wanted to do something fun to announce his name.  lindsey dyed t-shirts grey then we screen printed his name on them.  right after he was born they announced his name to all the family waiting to meet him and handed out the t-shirts.  so fun!  the shirts turned out perfect and were a big hit.  
Picnik collage
and finally here is precious jet...
Picnik collage
isla had a fun visit.  we missed linds and clayton at the hospital but isn't that door wreath so precious that linds made!  
Picnik collage
happy birthday jet!  we can't wait for tons of play dates!
(doesn't lindsey look amazing after just having a baby!!)
we have had a fun week celebrating and we are so thankful for the amazing friends in our lives.
happy 8 months isla!
we love you always!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

week 34...

34 weeks old!  
our baby is quickly becoming a big girl!  she is very adventurous and learning new things everyday.  
always trying to put something in her mouth!
did a little shopping (and playing) at ikea this week.  the tunnel was a big hit!  wouldn't this be a fun christmas present...
Picnik collage
check out these moccasins!!!  i think they might be the cutest thing ever.  i need them in my size!
Picnik collage
lots of standing happening around here these days.  isla does not want to be sitting, she wants to stand everywhere.  she has gotten really good at pulling herself up on everything.  she cruises along the furniture and will move from the ottoman to the couch and back.  like i said before she is very adventurous and not all the attempts are successful... it's pretty amazing how she just bounces off the floor and keeps going.  babies are so resilient! 
Picnik collage
just a little side note... notice the grey ottoman in the pics above.  i have been on an obsessive hunt for the perfect baby friendly ottoman/coffee table.  well i couldn't find a cute one in our budget so joe and i decided to make one.  it turned out perfectly! don't worry there is a special ottoman edition post coming soon!

isla loves her toys and moves from one to another playing.  but her most favorite things are abby's frisbee, the remote control, and my phone!
Picnik collage
isles started eating some finger foods this week.  she loves puffs!  those puffs really are such a smart thing and taste good.  she also likes the baby mum mums rice crackers.  a great distraction!
she stands up and talks in her crib until you go into get her... then you get the biggest smiles!
Picnik collage
still just the one tooth on the bottom.  but i'm thinking the other bottom tooth will be here any day now!
Picnik collage
chewing on the crib rails is a new thing...
Picnik collage
nay nay was here this week so of course we had to shop!  the fountains at northpark were very entertaining!  isn't she the cutest...
Picnik collage
always on the go...
Picnik collage
we love you sweets!

Friday, November 4, 2011

week 33...

happy 33 weeks isla grace!
isn't she so cute in a hood!  i'm now on a hunt for every hoodie in dfw!!  
all smiles and giggles today!
i don't have too many pics this week (not sure why).  but it has been a fun week.  isla has really found her voice this week.  she has always made little sounds and squeals but this week she started talking in sentences. no, the sentences don't make any sense and she isn't using real words but it definitely sounds like she is talking to someone.  it's so cute and funny to listen to!
Picnik collage
and this cold weather has made me realize i absolutely love baby winter clothes!  tiny coats with boots and leggings are just the cutest!  daddy picked out this outfit...  pretty good!
Picnik collage
here she is in her hood again...
Picnik collage
we did a little shopping this week.  i think isla already recognizes northpark... is that sad??  
Picnik collage
there was a cute little band all dressed up for halloween and singing songs in the middle of the mall.
this face is how you know she is very interested in something...
Picnik collage
and then we helped nay nay pick out some new toms!
Picnik collage
our baby is growing up so fast!  she looks like such a big girl in this picture...
we love you isles!