Sunday, July 10, 2011

old house love

we have a lot going on here at baker bliss!  
we bought a new house last week.  it's not to far from our current house.  it's in need of a little renovation, which we have already started on, but it's going to be so great when we are finished (and when i say we, i really mean joe).  if you don't already know this about my husband, he is a very talented man.  he can do anything when it comes to house renovations.  joe did almost everything in our current house and it's just perfect.  so you will be getting to see the renovation from the beginning on the new house.  but this post isn't about the new house it's about the old one.  i LOVE this house!  i definitely cried a little when the 'for sale' sign went up in the yard.  joe has done so much work to this house and even though we have only lived here 4 years, we have some great memories (like bringing home our baby girl).  i thought i would show off our old house and brag about my husband a little.

we painted the outside of our house about 2 years ago.  it was an awful yellow color (think french's mustard)!  and i love the new color, warm stone by sherwin williams, with the white trim... so crisp and clean!
we stained and refinished the hardwood floors, painted the walls and rebuilt the bar between the living room and kitchen to give everything a more open feel.  
when we bought the house the garage had already been enclosed to make another room.  we didn't like the feeling of an add-on so joe raised the floor in the old garage (now our dining room) to make it all one level with our living room.  now it doesn't feel like an add-on at all.dining
and then there is the kitchen.  i wish i could find my old pictures when we started the renovations... because there was literally nothing left of the old kitchen.  we gutted everything down to the subfloor and sheetrock.  then we put new wood floors, new cabinets, new appliances, new granite counters, new glass tile backsplash, and a mini fridge for beverages!  it was definitely a process but well worth it.  we absolutely love our kitchen!
and my favorite room of the house is our laundry room.  i know that sounds crazy but joe built me this great workspace for my sewing machine and craft projects!
we will be sad to leave our house but excited about the new projects, adventures, and memories in the new place!  and if you know anyone who is interested in this little gem it's for sale!


Callie said...

umm.. i think i would like to buy your house. it is SO cute!! i cannot wait to see all the amazing things you will do to the new one! you want to come to CA and help me decorate? i am AWFUL at it and could use some Jennifer time. :-) Love you!

kristen said...

love that house so much!!! i cant wait to see what you do with the new one though!!! joe is amazing!

Kel said...

I love your house. It is amazing!! Everything about it is awesome. I would love to see some before pictures. Kuddos to Joe for being so handy.