Thursday, February 23, 2012

week 49...

i can't believe we are 3 weeks away from your first birthday little lady!
i definitely wouldn't be upset if time slowed down a little.  i just love this fun, playful, happy stage you are in right now... i love watching your excitement about everything around you. 
happy 49 weeks isla!
first of all, how precious is that smile?  and second, a gold poodle... amazing!  
why can't i wear a t-shirt with a gold poodle and look this adorable!?
isla has learned a new trick...
when she is full she throws all her food on the floor for abby to eat, and she thinks its hilarious!
Picnik collage
all smiles today!  
(probably because she loves that t-shirt so much)
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
good morning!
Picnik collage
lot's of fun with the plastic cups!
Picnik collage
aren't these two precious...
we went to the park today (since it's 80 degrees in february... that's why i love texas).  and isles absolutely loved climbing all over the playground.  
Picnik collage
she was so interested in everything.  i couldn't even get her attention for a second, she was in extreme concentration mode for sure!
Picnik collage
then this sweet little boy came to play and isla followed him all around.  he was so precious and started crawling around the playset so isla could follow after him... it was too cute! 
Picnik collage
she was so so excited! 
 there was a lot of squealing going on.
(we are getting a little hair in the back!)
Picnik collage
it's been a fun week!
Picnik collage
and i've been working on some birthday decorations!
you are such a sweet, smart little girl...
we love you isla grace!

Friday, February 17, 2012

11 months!

happy 11 months little love!
seriously can't believe you will be one in only a month.  i'm definitely going to be the mom that cries all day when you turn one and talks about how amazing it was the first time i held you... oh dear, tearing up just thinking about it!

my favorite things at 11 months:
waving 'hi' and 'bye bye'
when you get so excited and just start clapping
your sweet hugs
when you lay your head on the ottoman and watch the tv
how you say 'dog' when you see abby
love how you shake your head 'yes' when you i say something you like or want
and shake it 'no' if i say no... then do it anyway :)
pointing when you want something
your cute little baby steps as you learn to walk
your precious dance moves
you are a social little girl and love to wave and talk to everybody... especially kids
that you love your 'dada' so much
your sweet smile
you love food.  any food.  all food.
and as always love my isla kisses.

here's a cute little video of isles doing some redecorating...
love you!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

week 48...

48 weeks!
isla has started pointing at everything this week.  if she wants something or likes something or is seeing something new, she points... its precious!
our little valentine...
lunch with uncle b's!
and checking out the fish at the restaurant...
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
doesn't she look so grown up here!?
waving bye bye!
my little eater.  i love that isla will eat anything.  she sits at her high chair and just kicks her legs because she is so excited about eating... that's my girl!
Picnik collage
my little valentine... playing in the cabinets again!
Picnik collage
more playing...
Picnik collage
isles got her new, big girl car seat this week.  and yes, it's a cow!  i couldn't help myself it was just too cute to pass up.  
((if anyone is in the market for a car seat check out amazon.  prices are so much cheaper and free 2 day shipping... can't beat that))
Picnik collage
the girl loves q-tips!  and mirrors!
Picnik collage
sassy pants!
Picnik collage
she does have some hair in the back just none on top... one day isla, one day.
Picnik collage
isla decided the living room furniture needed a little rearranging... 
this picture just makes me smile.  she is just so sweet!  loves some fresh beat band.
love you isla girl!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

week 47...

here's our sweet, funny, beautiful 47 week old little lady!
after a quick trip to west elm, isla came home with some cute little chairs (and blocks)...
Picnik collage
isla loves giving kisses.  all her friends get kisses.  baby and brobee!
Picnik collage
just love this sweet face!  she has such a serious face when she is trying to figure something out.
Picnik collage
isles isn't walking by herself yet.  she is getting much more brave and will take a couple steps to move between the furniture and stands by herself for a long time!
the girl loves graham crackers!
joe sent me this video while i was at work this week.  it was a good little laugh...

isla is so amused by the iphone...
and baby leggings have to be the cutest thing ever!
Picnik collage
and especially loves to put it in her mouth!
Picnik collage
love you sweets!  
Picnik collage

Friday, February 3, 2012

week 46...

the weeks are going by faster and faster... can't believe the year of pics will be over soon!  
here's to 46 weeks!
such a big girl!
isles reading her books!
well throwing them all on the ground and turning the pages... counts as reading right!?
Picnik collage
sister has some moves!!  isla can't hear music without dancing.  it's the cutest thing ever!  she just starts bouncing and swaying.  love!
and 'no' doesn't get us very far over here... plus it's so hard to be serious and not laugh at this sweet face!
have i ever said how much i love the video monitor!  well i do!  it's seriously the greatest thing ever and a must have for any mommy.  not only does it save many trips into the bedroom to check on isla at night but it's so fun to watch her when she is sleeping or when she is playing around in her crib.  she is mostly a tummy sleeper but we have been seeing a lot of this lately...
the girl is definitely my child... she likes her tv shows!
peek-a-boo is isla's new favorite game!
when we get isla ready for bed at night we say 'where's isla?'
and she covers her eyes with her hands then uncovers her eyes and smiles so big!  so fun!
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
so many toys!
Picnik collage
our sweet, sassy little girl!
we love you sweets!

and happy birthday jillian!!  we love you so much too!