Tuesday, August 30, 2011


here's a funny video of our little inchworm!  
she will be crawling before we know it!  

sweet gift!

i really do have the sweetest, most thoughtful friends!  
i'm just in love with this precious note pad that my sweet friend aimee got for me!  
she got it at pinhole press.  of course i had to go check out all their goodies and i'm so glad i did.  they have the cutest paper goods.  everything from announcements, to thank you cards, to photo pads!!  the only bad thing is that i'll be so sad when i've used up all the cute notes!
at least i know where to get another one!
thanks aim!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

week 23...

here's our little love this week!  
she was very squirmy this week and kept trying to eat her skirt!
we have decided the bumbo might be more fun to chew on than sit in!
i got some of my favorite pictures of her this week!  i love when i can capture her fun personality in a picture!
isla wants to crawl so bad!  we had our first busted lip this week :(  she hasn't figured out to move her hands so she just throws herself forward.  of course she does this on the hardwood floors and busted her top lip open.  i definitely panicked and completely overreacted (it seemed like a lot of blood at the time)!  thank goodness joe was there or i would have driven her straight to the emergency room!  and after a few minutes of cuddling she was over it!
i can't quite figure out why she is infatuated with abby's frisbee!!
loving on george!
we have been working on sitting up.  she is getting pretty good at it but eventually flops onto her belly so she can move around...
and isla is always keeping an eye on abby... especially when she is playing with the frisbee!
isn't she so cute in her little strawberries!
she is always on all fours just staring at the ground in front of her.  i have a funny video of her crawl that she is doing now but for some reason didn't upload it.  i will post it soon!
everything goes straight in her mouth!
isles loves playing with her toys (or water bottles, remotes, keys, and phones)!
gettin' some abby sugars!
(abby got groomed today so there is definitely an isles and abbs photo shoot in the near future)
one of my favorite parts of the day is going in to get isla out of bed in the morning.  i will watch her on the monitor in the mornings and she will roll around in her crib and play for quite awhile, but as soon as she hears the door open she stops and looks at the door with a huge smile!  these are the moments i hope i remember forever!
we love you sweet girl!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


my sweet little love!

fun finds!

just a few fun things joe found at an estate sale!
i love this tall wooden table!  it's made of old, rustic wood and it will look perfect in the entry way with a cute lamp and big mirror!  best part... it was only $20!
he also picked up this coffee table for only $30!
it's big, simple, modern and i love it!!
(don't mind the dirty floors... it's still a little bit of a construction zone at the new house)
i picked up this little beauty at a consignment shop a few weeks back.  it's actually an old singer sewing machine stool and the seat lifts up for extra storage!  and mrs. singer only cost $20!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

week 22...

here is our sweet, happy 5 month old!  
i think this face is hilarious!  she seems pretty disgusted about something!
i finally got birth announcements sent out this week!  i know isla is 5 months old but it took me forever to pick out a picture and i'm such a procrastinator!  i LOVE them!  the announcements turned out just perfect!!  the picture was taken during her newborn photo shoot with the amazing kate (who is getting married in 2 weeks... yay)!  and the announcement was designed by aimee!  aim is one of my dearest friends and she is so creative and talented.  she can make anything you want so if you need some cute announcements, or invites, or any kind of card aimee can do it!!  just look how precious these are...
delaney sent me this sweet video of jillian kissing baby isla's announcement.  jillian calls her "I" which is so adorable!  J and I are going to be great friends!
daddy and isles are having such a fun time together while momma works!  she is always worn out when i get home!
joe sent me this video while i was at work yesterday and i couldn't stop laughing!  they definitely had a big day, isla was exhausted!

we went swimming in our new pool for the first time this week!  joe took a break from working so hard and we all enjoyed a little pool time!  
we have been working on sitting up.  she is getting much better at it!  she can sit for a couple of minutes without any support before she decides she would rather be on her belly!  (i know she looks like a little boy in these jammies but i bought them before i knew what we were having and i love the guitars!)
she is still putting everything in her mouth... even her clothes!
love that chubby belly and so in love with our sweet girl!

Friday, August 12, 2011

week 21...

such a sweet little girl!
isla LOVES being on her tummy and army crawling around the floor!
aren't these bloomers the cutest!!!  i'm so glad she can finally wear them!
Picnik collage
love that sweet profile!  her cheeks are so round... it's awesome!
isles has discovered the water bottle!  i'm not even sure why we buy toys she could be just as happy playing with a water bottle and spoon!  oh the little things...
aren't footed jammies the cutest!
i'm telling you she is literally always on her tummy!  i will lay her down and she rolls right over and starts looking for something to play/chew on!  if i leave the room she is usually off the blanket and headed somewhere!
isla is still such a happy baby.  i know i don't have anything to compare her to considering she is our first baby but we see a lot of this every day...
abby and her frisbee!!  another one of isla's favorite things to do is watch abby play.  just in the last 2 weeks isla has become very aware of abby.  she stops whatever she is doing the second abby walks in the room and looks at me confused when abby leaves! 
isla found her feet this week!  she will grab for them in her bumbo or laying on her changing table.  it's pretty cute and funny to watch.  i think she is trying to put them in her mouth but that just isn't quite working!
my mom and i took a little trip to ikea last weekend.  isles had fun shopping but wanted to eat all the price tags!
momma's little michelin baby!
today isla actually got up on her hands and knees...
then she just kinda sat there and looked around like 'now what do i do'!  so no crawling yet but i have a feeling we aren't too far away!
can you believe she will be 5 months old!  i find myself saying that every month but the time just goes by so quickly.
little lovey! 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

week 20...

hard to believe isla is already 20 weeks old!
every day is more fun than the last.  she is discovering new things, learning new tricks, and developing quite the personality!  
if there is such a thing as pre-crawling isla is definitely doing it!  she pulls with her arms and pushes with her legs and can pretty much get wherever she wants to go.  it's so funny to watch.  i just love this girl!
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
she loves this blanket!  she will grab it and rub her eyes when she is tired.  so sweet!
Picnik collage
if only we could remember the pure joy of being a child.  everything is so new and exciting.  watching her get so happy about anything (even a water bottle) definitely reminds me to enjoy the little things in life.
Picnik collage
i started back to work last week so isla has been having some good daddy/daughter time!  joe has done such a great job being with her all day and i know they are both having fun.  of course i've been sad to leave her but joe keeps me updated throughout the day with some cute pics.
Picnik collage
when isla wakes up in the morning she has started playing in her crib for about 30 minutes.  she will roll around and throw all her paci's off the edge... it's so funny to watch on the monitor!  she is watching abby roll around on the rug!
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
speaking of abby these two girls are slowly but surely becoming great friends!  abby will even go lay next to isles on the blanket now... that's huge progress!
Picnik collage
had a little family dinner at our favorite mexican food spot, amigos!  and isla discovered our glasses.  she would just stare and grab for the glass when we took a drink.  then of course she had to put her mouth on it too!  (clearly dinner wore her out)
Picnik collage
more standing in the crib... always a favorite!
Picnik collage
isla has learned how to take out her paci and put it back.  she has to play with it for a little while first but it eventually makes it back into her mouth.  now if only she could find it in the middle of the night!
Picnik collage
just too cute!
love you sweet girl!