Friday, January 27, 2012

week 45...

the weeks seem to fly by...
isla at 45 weeks!
i just love that cute laugh!
isla loves to pull all of her toys out of the baskets!  she is such a good girl and puts it all back... then pulls it out again! :)
Picnik collage
so serious about her toys!
Picnik collage
just playing in my diaper... cutie!
Picnik collage
isla hiding abby's toys under the couch...
Picnik collage
how cute is that little face!?  when we play hide-n-seek isla has figured out too look under the couch and find me... and she thinks its hilarious!!!
taking a walk with nay nay!
having a little picnic outside...
i love lazy mornings with the family...
love you isles!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

week 44...

44 weeks old!!
happy!  loves those numbers...
isla loves her toys.  she stacks everything and puts all her toys and puzzles in her pot.  it's so funny to watch her crawl around and pick up everything, put it in the pot, then dump it out and start over!
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
isla has been standing on her own for long periods of time.  no steps yet!
she loves to clap!  it was so funny watching the golden globes because every time the stars would clap for the winners isles started clapping... so cute!
Picnik collage
here's a little video of her moving from the ottoman to the couch.  she gets more and more brave...

you can really see isla's little personality coming out these days.  she is the sweetest girl.  she gives big smiles to everyone we see and kisses to anyone that asks.
love you little lady!
mommy has some serious 1st bday planning to do...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

10 months!

happy 10 months little lady! 
i can't believe it's almost been a year.  it has been the best 10 months of our lives.

my favorite things at 10 months:
your precious dance moves
you love to clap
you give sweet kisses
you wave 'hi' and 'bye bye' to everyone
playing hide and seek is your favorite game
you love when we chase you... it makes you giggle so loud
you love food.  any food.  all food.  (that's my girl)
you love other kids
you throw all your toys out of the bath tub then put them back in the tub
you are into everything
you like to hold our hands and walk
you love music
you still hate being in the car seat... oh well...
you are a very social little girl
you are a good sleeper (thank you)
you crawl so fast and make this cute grunting noise... i love it.
you get so happy when you see us walk in the room

you are such a sweet, happy, smart, funny, and beautiful little girl.  we are so proud to be your mom and dad.



love you isles!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

i like to dance!

isla found her moves!  
she started dancing this week and it's hilarious.  
any time music starts playing she shakes her head and sways back and forth... it's just too precious!! 
maybe one day she will be one of those girls on so you think you can dance that makes me cry every time i watch because they are so incredibly talented... it all starts here right!?
here's a little peak (ok, she mainly just watches the kids on tv dance and sing but it's still cute).
and she almost takes her first unassisted step before she realizes what she is doing...

p.s.  thank you fresh beat band for all the
 catchy songs that get stuck in my head for weeks!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

week 43...

43 weeks old!
i seriously cannot believe how fast the weeks go by!
such a silly girl...
nay nay and pops bought isla a swing for christmas... she loves it!  
can't wait for some warmer weather so we can enjoy it a little more.
Picnik collage
we made a trip to texarkana for williams birthday party.  and of course i didn't take any pictures... not sure what i was thinking!  it was a good, quick trip.  isles met lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins for the first time and nanny (her great grandmother).  it was good to see everyone but sad not having vicki there.
isla got some cute toys (thanks bill, donna, kim, and hannah).  she loves playing with her tea party set.  it cracks me up how she stacks everything on top of the box...
Picnik collage
we got to see linds, jack, and jet on our weekly northpark trip.  the kiddies love the turtles and ducks!
Picnik collage
these two love each other!  isla is fascinated by kids and jack is so sweet to isles.  lots of hugs and kisses. 
Picnik collage
she tried so hard to climb up the wall... it was so cute watching her!  she wanted to play like the big kids.
Picnik collage
isles and daddy...
Picnik collage
we love you isla grace.
 more than you know...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

week 42...

little 42 week old love!
i love this face!!  
so happy to be 42 weeks old!
we finally got to see nay nay and pops!  it was sad not to see them at christmas but we had a fun visit after...
Picnik collage
isla finally got to meet her great grandpa grace...
Picnik collage
all the boys with isla!
enjoying some avocado and black beans... yum!  the girl is such a good eater... she definitely get's that from her mom!!  she will literally eat anything (at least for now) and i'm so thankful!  
Picnik collage
we got to meet sarah for lunch this week.  it was so good to catch up.  love you say say!
Picnik collage
my little elf!
how cute is that sweater!?  it was on sale at gap and i'm so glad delaney and katie made me get it!!  isles just looks so adorable in it!
Picnik collage
and she loves playing with her new toys!
i promise i don't make my daughter wear a sweater and hood when she is playing...  it just made such cute pics!
Picnik collage
daddy and isla playing!  i love getting sweet pics while i'm at work... 
Picnik collage
always so happy after a nap!  she is trying to climb up the crib rails... such a mess!
Picnik collage
this owl hat is one of my favorite things ever!!  cuteness!
Picnik collage
why can't i keep you this age forever!? 
love you isles!