Thursday, July 28, 2011

week 19...

here's our happy girl this week!
the one's where she is laughing so hard crack me up!
it's been a busy week around the baker casa with house showings and me starting back to work
but i have managed to snap a few cute pics!
i was beginning to think the bumbo would be one of those pointless baby purchases.  isla just always looked so awkward and uncomfortable when we put her in it.  but she has really started to love it!
bath time is still a favorite activity, she has started sitting up in the tub and loves it!  aren't those rolls amazing!!  there's just nothing sweeter than a chubby, happy baby!
we had some fun with abby today.  abby's favorite toy is her frisbee (she has had this frisbee for about 8 years and still wants to play with it everyday).  and today isles wanted to get in on the fun!
more fun in the bumbo! (sorry it's blurry... the iphone is having a harder and harder time keeping up)
nay nay snapped a pic of me and isla... it's funny how you end up with thousands of pictures but none actually with your child!  look at those tired eyes!
we love you isles! 

Friday, July 22, 2011

week 18...

we have a very active, happy, healthy 4 month old on our hands!
isla had her 4 month doctor's appointment on wednesday.  she now weighs 15 pounds 8 ounces (90th percentile- more than doubled her birth weight) and is 26 inches long (95th percentile).  she is right on track with meeting her developmental milestones!  she is wearing size 2 diapers and still wearing size 3-6 month clothes.  those vaccines were not fun at all!  she was much more fussy this time and you could tell her little legs were sore.  but she seems to be much happier and back to herself this morning!

we have been spending a little time at the new house while joe is working.  he is doing such a good job and working so hard but we miss him!  we stop in for visits throughout the day!
we had a fun afternoon with the lindsey's and jack.  it was great practice for jack because he will be a big brother in november!!  he was so sweet with isla and kept giving her the paci when it fell out!
isles only sleeps on her tummy.  she just flips over and wiggles around until she is comfortable! 
{hearts + baby leggings = adorable}
more tummy time!  it's funny how she absolutely hated her tummy a month ago and now you can't keep her on her back.  
hello sweet little lady!
it's the cutest thing when she giggles!  i haven't captured it on video yet but hopefully soon!
how hilarious is this picture!?  she was very interested in what was happening on the tv (most likely the backyardigans) and sitting like such a big girl!
love you sweets!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

home goodies...

i've seen it on a few blogs where they go in a store and take pictures of all the fun things that they love.  i was in home goods the other day and they had so many things i wanted to buy.  since i couldn't buy everything i thought why not take pics and share them here.  i always think it's fun to see what other people are drawn too and i'm usually out the next day trying to find at least one of the items!  
i love this lamp.  i'm a sucker for a shiny, round lamp with a simple white shade.  
this little end table is so cute.  its modern and simple and functional all at the same time!IMG_1611
and if you know me you know i'm usually attracted to things in the neutral family... like grey, tan, cream.  but when i saw this adorable ottoman i just loved it!  it was already sold (bummer) but i couldn't help snapping a pic.  it would definitely bring a fun pop of color to a neutral room.
how cute is this loveseat!?  first of all its grey (bonus) and those sleek silver legs (double bonus) just make me smile!  
this mirror came home with me!  i love any and all mirrors.  and when it's paired with this great geometric pattern... fabulous!  i have an idea where it will go in the new house!
this little metal bench is so cute.  i could see it in a little girl's nursery or maybe a covered patio or bathroom!  so many possibilities!
this ampersand also came home with me.  i love the mix of the feminine curves and the masculine metal... it's just such a pretty symbol!
i think this side table is so pretty!  it would look great in any room.  it's simple and sophisticated all at the same time.  notice that purple zebra print chair behind it... wow!
well that's all i have from this trip to home goods!  hope you enjoyed!

Monday, July 18, 2011

aunt vicki

i haven't posted about this yet and to be honest i didn't know that i would.  but i was looking through some pictures this weekend and i thought if there was a person everyone should know it was my aunt vicki.  vicki really was the most caring, loving, kind, and funny person that i knew.  she always put others before herself... always.  she could make you laugh until you cried for hours.  and i can't forget her cooking... oh it was the best!  vicki loved people so well through her cooking and it was delicious! she was the best mother, wife, sister, gigi, aunt, friend, and teacher.  
vicki passed away in january after a short but well fought battle with cancer.  she truly was such an amazing woman.  she was loved by everyone she met.  and i'm so serious when i say that there was never a person that didn't love vicki the second they met her.  she just had that special way with people that made them feel comfortable and loved.  her family misses her so much everyday but we are comforted in knowing that she is with Him and no longer suffering.  
here is her sweet family.  her son, matthew with his wife hiliary and their precious son william, then my beautiful aunt vicki and uncle jerry, and her daughter dayna.  
Screen shot 2011-07-15 at 10.36.54 AM
here is another shot with gretchen (their dog).  gretchen passed away just 2 days before my aunt vicki.  (they are loving on each other in heaven)
Screen shot 2011-07-15 at 11.20.57 AM
vicki was a great wife.  she loved my uncle jerry so much and would do anything for him.  her family meant the world to her.
vicki was the best mom and i know that my cousins miss her more than anything.  matthew is such an amazing artist and vicki was always so proud of everything he created.  and matthew and hiliary are so precious and the best parents to sweet william.  i'm so glad that vicki got to spend last year keeping william.  he brought so much happiness to her world and i know she treasured those moments.  dayna is like the most awesome softball player every!  she played for the arkansas razorbacks and vicki was her biggest fan!  dayna and matthew have grown into such amazing people and i know their mom was so proud of them.
vicki was not only my mom's sister but her best friend too.  everyday my heart breaks for my mom and the friendship that she lost.  i know not a day goes by that she doesn't think about and cry for vicki.  i'm so thankful that the two of them got to take a couple of trips together in the last couple of years... they definitely came back with some fun memories and hilarious stories.  when you got mom and vicki together there was always tons of laughter!  they are like 2 teenagers... i mean seriously who stands out in a blizzard to take a picture with a huge wooden bear!!!
this is one of my favorite pics, aren't they beautiful!
Screen shot 2011-07-15 at 10.33.27 AM
a funny story about vicki.  my husband's name is joe don baker.  he was named after an old actor that played in the movie 'walking tall'.  and if you know anything about that movie the sherriff's name (played by joe don baker) was buford, and he carried a big stick.  (there was a recent remake of the movie starring the rock).  anyway, my aunt vicki thought it was the greatest thing that joe was named after him.  needless to say joe was called buford on many occasions and received a big stick for more than one christmas and birthday... she was such a funny lady!  joe and walk past this picture from our wedding everyday and think about vicki (notice how she signed it).
Picnik collage
i wish that isla would know her aunt vicki.  just because she isn't here doesn't mean we don't tell her about vicki.  vicki gave isla this seahorse (named gretchen after aunt vicki's dog) that plays music.  it stays on her changing table so every time we change her diaper we talk about vicki and tell isla how much she would have loved her.  maybe that's why isles loves her changing table so much.
we love and miss vicki and will cherish the many great memories we have of her.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

4 months...

happy 4 months love!
it's been the craziest, happiest, most fun 4 months of our lives!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

a lifetime...

this week i have been reminded that we are not promised a lifetime... we aren't even promised another day. so when i'm tired and i don't feel like getting out of bed to soothe my crying little girl... i will gladly take that moment to whisper how much i love her.  when she is crying in her car seat as we drive down the street... i will cherish singing (even though it doesn't sound pretty) to her.  when i need to put her down so that the house can get cleaned or the laundry can get done... i will hold her a little longer and remember the smell of her sweet skin.  i'm not trying to be 'debbie downer' over here, i just want to remind myself daily that every moment is precious.  
this morning during isla's nap i snapped this pic of her.  she loves to sleep on her tummy with her ankles crossed... just like her mommy!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

week 17...

isla will be 4 months old on sunday... where did the time go!?
we go to the doctor next week so i will have all her stats for you next thursday.  she was in a great mood this week for her weekly photo shoot and it's just getting harder and harder to pick only one picture... so this week you get two.  isn't that sweet grin the greatest!

so of course with all that happiness and that adorable sundress i had to take advantage and get a few more shots!
isn't that dress precious!!  she looks so cute in it, and the way her little chubby arms squeeze out at the top... LOVE!
one thing almost everyone comments about when they meet isla is her dark brown eyes.  they really are so beautiful!  our little brown-eyed girl (i know cheesy... but true!)
we have been practicing sitting up.  she does great with something behind her and can sit for a couple seconds with no support.  (sorry this pic is blurry... she is getting too fast for the iphone)
more sitting...
we got this cute mod bouncy seat from mimi and aunt jen.  isla learned how to kick her feet and make it rock.  little love was cracking herself up!
it's just so hot outside so we tend to spend quite a bit of time in our diaper!
isles is still putting everything in her mouth.  she even tried to eat abby!  (it made me so proud of abby... she just sat there and took it like a great big sis would)
hello my sweet girls!
a few randoms... loves to be on her tummy; so serious; and this is how she has been sleeping in her carseat, with both arms up in the air!  it's hilarious!  notice her lovey (aka: sparkle) in the carseat with her, it was a gift from nay nay and isla loves it!
still such a morning girl!
we love you sweet girl!