Friday, July 15, 2011

a lifetime...

this week i have been reminded that we are not promised a lifetime... we aren't even promised another day. so when i'm tired and i don't feel like getting out of bed to soothe my crying little girl... i will gladly take that moment to whisper how much i love her.  when she is crying in her car seat as we drive down the street... i will cherish singing (even though it doesn't sound pretty) to her.  when i need to put her down so that the house can get cleaned or the laundry can get done... i will hold her a little longer and remember the smell of her sweet skin.  i'm not trying to be 'debbie downer' over here, i just want to remind myself daily that every moment is precious.  
this morning during isla's nap i snapped this pic of her.  she loves to sleep on her tummy with her ankles crossed... just like her mommy!

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kristen said...

love that pretty princess!!! and her sweet chubby arms coming out of her dress! gosh! she is so cute. kills me!!