Friday, June 24, 2011

week 14...

isla is getting bigger every week!
she was very animated during our photo shoot this week so i have two pictures of week 14!
this was her first real giggle when i was taking this picture... so glad i have this picture!
 we went home to see my parents last weekend and had a great visit.
thanks for a fun and relaxing weekend nay nay and pops!
we got to spend father's day with joe's family!
it was a very special first father's day for joe.

doesn't isles (yes, that's a nickname she has acquired) look so much older!
she still puts anything in her mouth and we are full on rolling over everywhere!  she started rolling from her back to front when we put her to sleep at night.  so no more swaddling because she is all over the place in that crib!  she started out on the play mat and when i came back in the room she was rolling across the floor!
we had some sweet friends in town over the weekend and it was so fun to visit and let the kids play!
and we had a little fish/chicken fry on friday night to celebrate joe and kat's birthdays!  here is isla helping me make daddy's yummy carrot cake!
meryl and pearse love each other... it's so cute!  and they got to meet jillian friday night and i think they were all so cute together!
on saturday the daddies watched all the kiddos and the girls did a little estate sale shopping!  we literally walked out of one house with about 20 things for like $70... i love a good estate sale!  check out the back of the car!
meryl lovin on isla!
auntie kat and auntie aim singing to isla.
on monday we went to the arboretum with some friends!
carter and grayson and aaron and isla!
carter is the oldest (obviously) and the other three are all within a month of each other!
and here are the "big" kids!
that's naomi and noah on the top, then carter again and abby (grayson's big sis).
and here is the whole group!
it's been a busy weeks with lots of friends and family... just the way we like it!
love you little lady!


drjbbgrace said...

loved all the pictures. Our little lady is changing everyday. love the mugs, you and Delaney did a thoughtful thing.

kristen said...

that so fun!! i love all the little baby friends!!! and the old friend parties too! and love those heart jommies on my girl!

Kate said...

SOO cute! is it weird that i giggle when i see pics of isla giggling??? i melt...