Thursday, July 28, 2011

week 19...

here's our happy girl this week!
the one's where she is laughing so hard crack me up!
it's been a busy week around the baker casa with house showings and me starting back to work
but i have managed to snap a few cute pics!
i was beginning to think the bumbo would be one of those pointless baby purchases.  isla just always looked so awkward and uncomfortable when we put her in it.  but she has really started to love it!
bath time is still a favorite activity, she has started sitting up in the tub and loves it!  aren't those rolls amazing!!  there's just nothing sweeter than a chubby, happy baby!
we had some fun with abby today.  abby's favorite toy is her frisbee (she has had this frisbee for about 8 years and still wants to play with it everyday).  and today isles wanted to get in on the fun!
more fun in the bumbo! (sorry it's blurry... the iphone is having a harder and harder time keeping up)
nay nay snapped a pic of me and isla... it's funny how you end up with thousands of pictures but none actually with your child!  look at those tired eyes!
we love you isles! 

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