Thursday, December 29, 2011

week 41...

happy 41 weeks!
this was a fun week since it was isla's first christmas.  our little family had a great christmas together and isla loved all her new stuff (especially the boxes, bows, and wrapping paper)!
always trying to grab the numbers...
little miss had a great christmas.  she got some fun new toys that she is loving!  eating the paper was a favorite activity!
Picnik collage
i made isla a little playhouse out of a big box and i think she likes it...
Picnik collage
it's so cute when she talks to us and waves through the window!
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so many fun toys... a wagon, a toy to ride on, a tunnel to crawl through, and some cute pink toms!
Picnik collage
she also loves to push this toy around...
Picnik collage
so fast!
isla thinks it's so funny when we push her really fast and there are cute little wooden animals that fit in the holes on the seat...
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more playing...
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Picnik collage
then of course she found lots of new "toys" to play with under the cabinets...
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isla helped me cook on christmas eve (hopefully this gal will be a better cook than her mom).  we made a christmas pot pie and it was delicious!
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we did our family christmas on christmas eve because joe worked christmas day.  but we did make a little visit to the fire station to see dada...
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isla loves her bath time friends!
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and we always have to check on abby while she is outside...
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isla just looks so cute in her coat and hat.  she loves talking to her isla bear.  and she started kissing the glass whenever we would walk outside... so cute!
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taking our first wagon ride... 
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we went to see mimi and grip the day after christmas.
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and aunt jen was there... yay!
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and isla got to meet hula.  she was so sweet with isla and just let her pet her and pull on her ears!
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isla couldn't quite figure out grip's mustache!  
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it was a fun first christmas and we are so thankful for such amazing family and friends.  i get all emotional and teary eyed when i look at these pictures of our sweet girl.  this year has definitely been a blessing.
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love you forever isles.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


merry christmas from the baker's!
and happy birthday jesus!
joe + jennifer + isla + abby

Thursday, December 22, 2011

week 40...

40 weeks old!  
i can't believe isla will be 1 in only 14 weeks!  crazy!!
we were supposed to be spending the week in colorado with my family but lets just say a 9 month old that hates being in the car seat (especially for 14 hours) and a blizzard make a very bad travel combo!
so instead we are having a very lazy week at home.
Picnik collage
isla has been saying a lot of dadadada this week.  a couple of times she said dada when joe walked in the room.  we can't call it her first words quite yet but i'm sure it will be... maybe mama will be soon to follow.
will you check out that belly!
Picnik collage
isla loves to drag everything out of the cabinets... it's a great distraction!
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when we say "yay" and clap our hands isla has started clapping.  it's so cute!
so happy when you come in to get her from her nap.  she likes playing peek-a-boo through the crib...
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i just love that sweet smile... it's the best thing to wake up to everyday.
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you are such a sweet blessing isla grace.  we love you!
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Saturday, December 17, 2011

9 months!

happy 9 months sweet isla grace! 
we had our doc visit yesterday isla weighs 20 pounds 1 ounce (75%) and is 28 inches long (70%).
she is wearing size 3 diapers and size 6-9 month clothes in most things (a few 12 month things).
she is such a happy, healthy little girl and we couldn't be more thankful.  she is such a sweet blessing and has brought so much fun and laughter to our family.   
we love you isles!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

week 39...

39 weeks old (2 days away from 9 months)... so crazy!!
she cracks me up with that baby belly hanging out!
isla knows exactly what is going to happen when i put her in this chair and is immediately looking for the numbers to chew on...
in to everything!
isla has learned how to open cabinet doors and she loves to pull all her clothes out of the drawers when i'm doing laundry.  silly girl...
she loves the phone.  it's amazing how quickly they pick up on everyday things like holding the phone to your ear to talk.  so amazing and cute!
she is turning in to such a big girl so fast! love handles...
richardson has the cutest santa land and every year i say i'm going to go but never do.  well this year we finally made it to santa land and it's awesome!  they have tons of little houses set up and each house has a different activity like making ornaments, decorating christmas cookies, or visiting with santa.  it's really the cutest thing.  isla isn't really old enough for the activities but she loved watching all the people and looking at the lights.  
isla and daddy!
abby got groomed this week and you can always tell she feels pretty when she comes home!
we found out some really exciting news this week!  some of our best friends, clayton and linds, are having a baby in may and they found out this week it will be a sweet baby boy!!  we couldn't be more excited for them and i know they will be the best parents!  they are two of the most fun, genuine, loyal friends i know.  can't wait to meet baby shep... we love you uncle clayt and auntie linds!
isla is at such a fun age right now.  i just love watching her discover the things around her.  it seems she is doing or learning something new everyday.  
that is one happy, chubby baby!!
we love you sweets!

Friday, December 9, 2011

week 38...

hello week 38... 
and winter, cute furry coats, boots, christmas trees, santa, and adorable stockings!
i know best mom ever letting her stand up on a chair that swivels... oops!
i'm loving this cold weather and all the cuteness that comes with it!  
fun hats, cute boots, hoodies, and fur!
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
we are trying to incorporate lots of different finger foods into isla's meals.  she loves green beans... go figure!  she is eating 3 meals a day of baby food/finger foods.  i feel like all she does is eat all day!
Picnik collage
isla still loves her bath time.  she likes to drink the water out of her cup and play with her toys.  
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we had a play date this week with cara and emmet.  isla had so much fun!  she wanted to climb all over emmet and he was so sweet letting her pull his hair.  and cara kept giving isla all her toys and letting her play with them... such sweet kiddos!  can't wait to see them all grow up together.
Picnik collage
the b's stayed a couple of days with us and it was so fun just hanging out and catching up.  i think isla and meryl loved playing with each other.  meryl cracks me up.  the first thing i heard from her room when she woke up in the morning was 'isla still sleeping?'  she loves isla and plays so well with her.  she is going to be such a good big sis :)
of course it wouldn't be a good week at the baker house without a couple trips to northpark!  
we went with nay nay and pops and watched a christmas program (aren't they all so cute in their matching plaid)
Picnik collage
we hung our fantastic stockings that kristen made me!  she truly is the best, most talented friend ever.  it all started with a text asking kristen if she thinks i can make stockings (which i'm definite that i cannot) and ended with the best stockings i've ever seen.  she put so much time and thought into each one of them and they are so so special to me.  i know we will have them forever!  thank you so much kris!  i'm just so proud of them and show them off to everyone.  (isla loves them too!)
Picnik collage
how cute are these christmas jammies!  we are so excited about celebrating isla's first christmas. 
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
and our big event of the week was visiting santa for the first time.  i'm not gonna lie, it was quite an ordeal.  it takes like 4 hours to get to see the santa at northpark but after a lot of santa research around the metroplex i discovered why the wait is so long... he's the best santa!  if i were a kid i would definitely believe he was the real santa, with that awesome beard, rosy cheeks, and cute little house with the fire... perfect!  so i got our number and we came back 3 hours later to meet santa...  
there were no tears but isles was so confused and pretty much had a terrified look the entire time!
i love this picture... she almost looks like she likes him.
can't believe you are so grown up isla grace... we love you sweets!