Tuesday, July 19, 2011

home goodies...

i've seen it on a few blogs where they go in a store and take pictures of all the fun things that they love.  i was in home goods the other day and they had so many things i wanted to buy.  since i couldn't buy everything i thought why not take pics and share them here.  i always think it's fun to see what other people are drawn too and i'm usually out the next day trying to find at least one of the items!  
i love this lamp.  i'm a sucker for a shiny, round lamp with a simple white shade.  
this little end table is so cute.  its modern and simple and functional all at the same time!IMG_1611
and if you know me you know i'm usually attracted to things in the neutral family... like grey, tan, cream.  but when i saw this adorable ottoman i just loved it!  it was already sold (bummer) but i couldn't help snapping a pic.  it would definitely bring a fun pop of color to a neutral room.
how cute is this loveseat!?  first of all its grey (bonus) and those sleek silver legs (double bonus) just make me smile!  
this mirror came home with me!  i love any and all mirrors.  and when it's paired with this great geometric pattern... fabulous!  i have an idea where it will go in the new house!
this little metal bench is so cute.  i could see it in a little girl's nursery or maybe a covered patio or bathroom!  so many possibilities!
this ampersand also came home with me.  i love the mix of the feminine curves and the masculine metal... it's just such a pretty symbol!
i think this side table is so pretty!  it would look great in any room.  it's simple and sophisticated all at the same time.  notice that purple zebra print chair behind it... wow!
well that's all i have from this trip to home goods!  hope you enjoyed!

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drjbbgrace said...

You can't go to homegoods without me. I love all the above, looking forward to my visit this week. love you. kiss my little lady for me. naynay