Wednesday, June 15, 2011

week 12...

even though i'm about a week late here is miss isla at 12 weeks!
we have started liking our bumbo (for short periods at a time).  and she loves mr. cow!  she will lay on the play mat and have some serious conversations with that cow!!
last week kristen, avery, ben and sassy stopped by to see us!  avery was just so sweet with isla.  she wanted to hold her and kept touching her face real soft and then aves asked me if isla loved her... isn't that just the sweetest thing you have ever heard!  
and of course kristen is like the baby whisperer!  i think kids and babies can just sense that she is the most loving person and so much fun!
ben and sassy!!  those two are hilarious!  let's just say, i had no more candy in my house when they left.  those two can hang with any of the best candy lovers out there.  and sassy always likes to take a little stash for the road... who can blame her!  thanks for visiting guys!  
we had a little mini-photo session on the living room floor.  isla is changing so much and so fast that i'm starting to feel like i need to capture every different expression, or smile, or cry... i just don't want to forget those cute little moments.  
the great thing about all these pictures was they were all taken in about 1 minute!  it's amazing how an expression can change that much and that quickly!
love you sweet girl!


kristen said...

love that baby girl!! love all of those expressions!! she cracks me up. it was so fun to stop by. thanks for letting us steal all your candy :) and look at my disheveled kids, oh my gosh. why dont we brush our hair ever???

drjbbgrace said...

I love this little lady. great pictures of avery, ben,and sassy and of course Kristen. I love the series of expression pictures, I need those. great week 12 picture. love you girls. naynay