Tuesday, June 7, 2011

:: famous ::

miss isla is famous!  
remember when isla had her newborn pics taken by the talented kate.  well they turned out so amazing!  you can check some of the pictures out on kate's blog.  and a few weeks ago kate came over and gave us her new business cards with isla on them!!
aren't they sooo cute!!  what a creative way to show off your talent! 
kate is just so fun, and cute, and talented, and sweet and everyone should call her up and book their next photography session! (sorry boys... she's engaged!)
we love you kate!


Kate said...

You are TOOO kind!!! Although miss Isla would be famous without my help because I'm fully convinced she is one of the cutest babies in the entire world!!!! She's trendier than me for cryin' out loud. ;) Thanks for the shout out...I love you guys!!!

Callie said...

Well, it was only a matter of time before the beautiful miss Isla became famous :-) Love you!!