Saturday, June 4, 2011

week 11...

i'm sure you won't believe me when i say this is the best picture i got out of about 30!  
she just wouldn't keep those letters out of her mouth!
isla's latest trick is standing! 
she just smiles and you can tell she is so proud of herself.  
we are really trying to work on tummy time.  she only seems to like it on her changing pad.
tummy time
we had our first attempt at the pool last week.  we never actually made it to the pool (isla had a little meltdown when we put the sunblock on) but she looked so adorable in her swimmie!
maybe this week we will actually get to the pool and in the water!
i just love those lips... and cheeks... and chins...
we had to make a trip to the vet this week because abby wasn't feeling to good.
but no worries... abbs is feeling better and back to chasing squirrels!
when daddy dresses isla she somehow ends up wearing the most boyish thing she has... 
she still looks so cute!
and a post just wouldn't be complete without a bath time picture!!  
we love you isla grace and abby!


Whitney said...

Ok....seriously the cutest swim suit EVER!! where did you find that??

Olive & Pearl Handmade said...

love the swimmie pics! Miss Isla you have to LOVE the pool like your Momma!!