Friday, June 24, 2011

fun father's day gifts!

i wanted to do something special for joe's first father's day.  i found this great place called quiggly's clay house where you can paint any kind of pottery you want and then they will fire it for you and it turns out so cute!  so isla and i and delaney and jillian all got our craft on!  let's just say it was a very entertaining afternoon.  after a massive blow out in the car seat, some throw up on the floor of the craft shop, and two screaming kids we came home with some really great gifts!!  jillian was definitely not a fan!
and neither was isla... 
but delaney and i had a great time and plan to go back soon for ladies night!! 
delaney definitely spelled father wrong on her first try!!  haha... love it!
and by the end of the afternoon this is what we had! HILARIOUS!!
it was all worth it in the end because we have some great memories and two very happy daddies!
we love you kevin and joe!


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Callie said...

OH I love this post!!!!! It makes me miss you, D, and your babies SOOOOOO much!! American Airlines is having a sale I think.. I am looking at tickets!! Love u!