Thursday, March 1, 2012

week 50...

hello week 50!!
and hello cutie in your yellow skinnies!!
isla's new favorite game is singing pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake baker's man...
her favorite part is when we throw it in the pan.  she throw's her arms up in the air... i'll just say it's really precious!
isla loves pizza!!
Picnik collage
and i'm not sure what we would do without those plastic cups!!
Picnik collage
ok.  have y'all seen these awesome seats in the bathroom stall!?  i'm sure they have been around forever but i obviously just discovered them, and had to take a picture!  they are amazing when i need to go to the bathroom but don't want isla crawling all over the floor.  she thought it was pretty funny too!
Picnik collage
isla watching abby find her favorite toy!
Picnik collage
isles likes to ask for "more" (in sign language) food...
(why do i have so many picutres of isla eating!!??)
Picnik collage
isla cheering for all the american idol contestants...
isles had a little fun in urban while momma and katie did some shopping!
maybe urban will want her to advertise for them... so cute!!
we love you isles!
thank you for the new joy you bring every day...


drjbbgrace said...

Love you isla grace. You get more precious every day.

kristen said...

i love all of the eating pics! and those seats in the bathroom are incredible. I so wish I had designed them. THey were not here when I had babies and I would have killed for them! she makes them look so cute too!