Thursday, February 23, 2012

week 49...

i can't believe we are 3 weeks away from your first birthday little lady!
i definitely wouldn't be upset if time slowed down a little.  i just love this fun, playful, happy stage you are in right now... i love watching your excitement about everything around you. 
happy 49 weeks isla!
first of all, how precious is that smile?  and second, a gold poodle... amazing!  
why can't i wear a t-shirt with a gold poodle and look this adorable!?
isla has learned a new trick...
when she is full she throws all her food on the floor for abby to eat, and she thinks its hilarious!
Picnik collage
all smiles today!  
(probably because she loves that t-shirt so much)
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
good morning!
Picnik collage
lot's of fun with the plastic cups!
Picnik collage
aren't these two precious...
we went to the park today (since it's 80 degrees in february... that's why i love texas).  and isles absolutely loved climbing all over the playground.  
Picnik collage
she was so interested in everything.  i couldn't even get her attention for a second, she was in extreme concentration mode for sure!
Picnik collage
then this sweet little boy came to play and isla followed him all around.  he was so precious and started crawling around the playset so isla could follow after him... it was too cute! 
Picnik collage
she was so so excited! 
 there was a lot of squealing going on.
(we are getting a little hair in the back!)
Picnik collage
it's been a fun week!
Picnik collage
and i've been working on some birthday decorations!
you are such a sweet, smart little girl...
we love you isla grace!

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