Wednesday, March 14, 2012

week 52...

oh, my last weekly post... so bitter sweet.
can't believe you will be one in 2 days.
here's to week 52!!!
((isn't she so cute sitting there with her hands in her lap like a big girl))
nay nay and pops got isla such a cute little chair for her bday.  and i think she likes it!
Picnik collage
she especially loves to stand in it and stack her toys on the back...
Picnik collage
and we are still working on getting out of it :)
Picnik collage
isla climbs on her train and will sit there waiting for you to push her.  it's really cute.  then when she is done she will get off and push it around the house herself.  love her. 
Picnik collage
look at those cute little toms!
Picnik collage
i know these pics are so dark but isla loves her 'brown bear' book (thanks auntie kat).  if you ask her where 'brown bear is?' she will go look for her book.
Picnik collage
playing at the park!
the cutest little lunch date ever!
girl loves her some chick-fil-a...
Picnik collage
isla likes to be first.  she thinks it's hilarious when we push the cart like this!
Picnik collage
and here's another video of isla walking because it's just about the most precious thing i've ever seen!

isla love's when joe plays the guitar.  it's so sweet to watch them together.  
we love you baby girl!  
i can't imagine my life without you.  it's been the best year!


kristen said...

those two posts just made me cry. I love you little isla grace and just cant imagine life without you in it. i check this blog like 10 times a day even though i know the week hasn't past. You are truly such an easy, smart, social, kind, loving, sweet person and I know thats because you are so loved by your mama and daddy. I had so much fun with you the other day and cant wait til I get to see you more. Love you so much baby. Happy first birthday. I cant believe its been a year!!

David and Kathrin said...

oh sweet isla grace!!! CanNOT believe you are ONE!! So sad I had to miss you fun fun fun 1st birthday :( I know it was amazing because your momma wants and does only the BEST for her sweet isla girl! You are just soooo stinkin cute! I am so glad you love your brown bear book, its a good one:) Glad I got to see you a few weeks away, wish it were more often! I will have to make another trip soon!!! We love, your momma, and dada and are sooooo thankful for your love and support!
-auntie kat!