Saturday, March 17, 2012

happy 1st birthday!

happy 1st birthday isla grace!
i absolutely cannot believe you are 1!  i find myself thinking back to a year ago and the many unknowns ahead of us.  i knew i would love you so much but i couldn't have planned for what this kind of love feels like or how quickly you would change me (in the best ways).  
i don't want to forget anything about the way you are right now.  our sweet, innocent, smart, loving, and beautiful little girl.  it's been the best year.  things aren't always perfect and easy and there have been lots of adjustments over the past year but everything about having you in our lives has been worth it.
we love you sweet isla.  happy 1st birthday!

my 1 year favorites:

you are walking!  you get better and better everyday and even try to run if we chase you!
i love when you are tired.  you want to be held and cuddled and give lots of kisses!
you are so social!  you talk to and wave to everyone we see.  
you are starting to love reading your books.  you actually sit and look at the pages now.
you need 'me' time.  i notice you go over to the bookshelf and pull off a toy or book and just play by yourself... such an older child, mama totally understands that.
you still love all kinds of food.  but you do have favorites and will eat all of them first (like your avocado, strawberries, blueberries, sweet potatoes, and chicken).
you are saying dada, dog, and bye bye.  i think you are trying to torture me by not saying mama...
you definitely love abby and will follow her around the house.  she loves hates it!
you just have the 2 bottom teeth but i can feel some about to come through on the top (or at least i think).
you love riding in your wagon.
when you want something you point at it with a cute little smile.
you have started saying "ooohhhh" when you see something you like.  almost like it's the most amazing thing you have ever seen.
you love when we chase you... we usually get some big laughs!
you like to be pushed FAST on your train.
yo gabba gabba and fresh beat band are you favorites!
you are such a cute little dancer and like to shake it when you hear music!
you like to figure things out and it's fun to watch you and try and see what your thought process is.
you still hate the car seat (thank goodness for dvd players).
you like to help daddy play the guitar.
you are the sweetest girl and full of so much love and joy!

our little saint patty's day babe!
so happy about her balloons when she woke up this morning...
Picnik collage
such a big girl!
Picnik collage
what a difference a year makes...
love you isla!

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