Wednesday, March 21, 2012

isla's 1st birthday carnival!

isla had her 1st birthday party last weekend and it was a blast!!
so many family and friends came to help us celebrate our little lady and we couldn't be more thankful and humbled by everyone who came!  
i pretty much have been planning isla's first birthday since she was born... not liking seriously planning but thinking about cute themes are ideas that i wanted to incorporate.  i randomly came across the carnival theme.  i found the cutest little coney island carnival birthday party and decided we had to do it!  her party was way more organized and professional looking but oh well!  
 the decorations were so simple... hanging balloons (idea from pinterest) and some fabric bunting!
and a special 'oh happy day' banner!  i made it out of puffy felt letters to go along with her weekly photos.
speaking of the weekly photos... they were displayed in the kitchen for everyone to see how much isla has grown and changed!
i did a very bad job of taking pictures of everything before the party so i'll show you what i have... sorry!
for food there were hotdogs, corn dogs, frito pie, funnel cake, popcorn, cookies, cupcakes, and pink lemonade! 
we put the food in little paper tray's like you would get at a carnival!
i printed water bottle labels and used packing tape to put them on the bottles.
Picnik collage
my friend, anna, made the most precious ruffle cake for isla and cupcakes for everyone else!  they were so delicious... she is the best baker!!  i wish i could tell you where her shop is but we are still trying to talk her into starting one!
i made the little cake banner out of yarn and card stock (easy!) and got the cute straws on pick your plum. 

don't they look amazing!
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there were fun games for the kids to play!
the kids could win tickets for each of the games then trade their tickets in for prizes.
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there was face painting.
i'm in no way an artist but my mother-in-law is pretty talented, so she agreed to help with some face painting!  i wish i had gotten some pictures of the kids painted faces, they were so cute!  thanks mimi!
there was a ring toss.  
i used an old coca-cola crate and old coke bottles and stuffed rings for the kids to toss.
(wish i had better pics of this game)
and go fish.
i just used a big bucket filled with water and made fish out of foam.  each fish had a magnet on it and there were magnets on the end of the fishing pole to pick up the fish.  
Picnik collage
 pin the bow on isla.  
i had a huge 18x24 print of isla made.  it's called an engineer's blueprint and it's only like $4... isn't that amazing!  then my awesome friend at staples put the print on foam board and laminated it.  i just used tape on the back of a bow for the kids to stick it on the picture.  
Picnik collage
here is my staples friend with isla :)
and finally the bean bag toss.  
joe made the best bean bag toss ever!!  it's a huge 4 leaf clover.  we thought it was a good choice since she was born on st. patty's day!
joe cut the clover out of plywood then drilled holes in the plywood, and put a stand on the back so we could prop the clover up in the yard. 
 then our 4 leaf clover got a coat of green paint and was ready to go!  each hole in the clover was worth a different amount of points.  it turned out so fantastic and it just might make an appearance at many of her future birthday parties!
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there were plenty of prizes for the kids to choose from!  i got some from oriental trading, some from the dollar aisle at target, and some from party city.  there were whistles, sunglasses, pencils, necklaces, stickers, water guns, bracelets, fun dip, bubbles and candy.
(sorry this picture was taken after most of the prizes got picked over)
all the kids got a goodie bag to hold all their prizes.
kristen saved me with the bags.  she cut out all the names on freezer paper with her silhouette, which saved me so much time and was a huge help!  then i ironed the freezer paper, painted the names, and peeled off the paper.  they turned out super cute and hopefully the kids can use them for other things.
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it was such a fun party and most importantly isla had the best time!  
she laughed, walked around everywhere,  let everyone hold her,  loved her cake, and played with all her toys.  she was the perfect little birthday girl.  and it was a perfect day.  
thanks again to all the family and friends that came!  it meant so much to joe and i to have everyone there on such a special day.
and thank you so much to my mom who was here all week to help me finish things up.  i couldn't have pulled it all together without your help.  and dad thanks for staying up until 2 am the night before the party and hanging balloons with me and mom!  i love y'all and i'm so thankful for you. 
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this is isla just after she woke up from her nap and saw all the decorations and people there to play!
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isles first cake!
it was a hit!
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
sharing cake with daddy!
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lots of toys!  and friends to share with!
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Picnik collage
happy 1st birthday isla grace!
we love you always!
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Allison said...

It's perfect! Everything looks so great! I love all the colors and the weekly photo wall is so sweet. Those games looked so much fun and the food makes me want to go to a carnival right now! I can't believe she is already one years old! Great party Jennifer!

Kate said...

Still so sad we missed it but thanks for putting up all the pictures. I kinda feel like I was there. Everything was super cute, of course, and that engineer blueprint thing is genius! I had no idea! Love you guys. Happy Birthday Isla!!

kristen said...

amazing!! i just love every pic!! she is the most beautiful little baby girl (who is not a baby anymore, ben) and i am so glad she had the best birthday!! i am CRUSHED BEYOND WORDS that we missed the party but I am so glad I can see everything on the blog! it was just amazing-everything looks perfect!

Lifethrualinds said...

Jennifer! Great party. Isla looks gorgeous in those cake pictures and the carnival games are adorable. So much thought and planning. Happy birthday isla!

drjbbgrace said...

I can't bare to see the end of the blog, please keep it going just doesn't have to be every week . The party was wonderful, all your and Joe's hard work payed off. Isla couldn't have been more happy, thankful to have been a part of it. Love you

David and Kathrin said...

Jen!!! SOOOOOO sad I had to miss isla's party :( You and Joe did a fantastic job, everything looks spectacular!! You are one talented momma!! Cant wait to see yall!! Love you isla grace :)