Thursday, February 9, 2012

week 47...

here's our sweet, funny, beautiful 47 week old little lady!
after a quick trip to west elm, isla came home with some cute little chairs (and blocks)...
Picnik collage
isla loves giving kisses.  all her friends get kisses.  baby and brobee!
Picnik collage
just love this sweet face!  she has such a serious face when she is trying to figure something out.
Picnik collage
isles isn't walking by herself yet.  she is getting much more brave and will take a couple steps to move between the furniture and stands by herself for a long time!
the girl loves graham crackers!
joe sent me this video while i was at work this week.  it was a good little laugh...

isla is so amused by the iphone...
and baby leggings have to be the cutest thing ever!
Picnik collage
and especially loves to put it in her mouth!
Picnik collage
love you sweets!  
Picnik collage

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kristen said...

hahahah! ahhh. that video was so cute. I love when she sees the phone. but she doesn't stop rolling her rs for a second. love her.