Friday, February 17, 2012

11 months!

happy 11 months little love!
seriously can't believe you will be one in only a month.  i'm definitely going to be the mom that cries all day when you turn one and talks about how amazing it was the first time i held you... oh dear, tearing up just thinking about it!

my favorite things at 11 months:
waving 'hi' and 'bye bye'
when you get so excited and just start clapping
your sweet hugs
when you lay your head on the ottoman and watch the tv
how you say 'dog' when you see abby
love how you shake your head 'yes' when you i say something you like or want
and shake it 'no' if i say no... then do it anyway :)
pointing when you want something
your cute little baby steps as you learn to walk
your precious dance moves
you are a social little girl and love to wave and talk to everybody... especially kids
that you love your 'dada' so much
your sweet smile
you love food.  any food.  all food.
and as always love my isla kisses.

here's a cute little video of isles doing some redecorating...
love you!


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