Friday, February 3, 2012

week 46...

the weeks are going by faster and faster... can't believe the year of pics will be over soon!  
here's to 46 weeks!
such a big girl!
isles reading her books!
well throwing them all on the ground and turning the pages... counts as reading right!?
Picnik collage
sister has some moves!!  isla can't hear music without dancing.  it's the cutest thing ever!  she just starts bouncing and swaying.  love!
and 'no' doesn't get us very far over here... plus it's so hard to be serious and not laugh at this sweet face!
have i ever said how much i love the video monitor!  well i do!  it's seriously the greatest thing ever and a must have for any mommy.  not only does it save many trips into the bedroom to check on isla at night but it's so fun to watch her when she is sleeping or when she is playing around in her crib.  she is mostly a tummy sleeper but we have been seeing a lot of this lately...
the girl is definitely my child... she likes her tv shows!
peek-a-boo is isla's new favorite game!
when we get isla ready for bed at night we say 'where's isla?'
and she covers her eyes with her hands then uncovers her eyes and smiles so big!  so fun!
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
so many toys!
Picnik collage
our sweet, sassy little girl!
we love you sweets!

and happy birthday jillian!!  we love you so much too!

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