Friday, September 30, 2011

week 28...

happy 28 weeks!
isla watched her first aggie football game (on tv) this week... unfortunately it didn't turn out to great for the ags but isles had fun!
we have tried sweet potatoes and peaches this week and she loves them!!!  she would eat the whole jar if i let her.  i really have no idea how much food she is supposed to be eating or if there is too much!  we go to the doctor on monday for her 6 month appointment and i've already got a very long list of questions... poor doc!
isla is crawling!  i'm talking completely coordinated, such cute crawling!
she is pulling herself up to her knees and loves to look out the back door at abby!
our sweet friend lindsey let us borrow jack's exer-saucer and it has been a big hit this week...
isles is loving the new house!  there are lots of places to explore and she has been so helpful in organizing making a mess!
we took a little trip to hobby lobby this week and big girl sat in the cart and played the whole time!  we were there for just short of 2 hours... ridiculous!  i must of walked down every isle... twice!
sweet little love!
we love you isles!

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kristen said...

such a good crawler! the hiccups mid crawl made me laugh out loud! hahaha! what a big girl!