Thursday, September 15, 2011

week 26...

someone is going to be 6 months old this weekend!!  
i mentioned that we started rice cereal last week.  i think she is definitely getting the hang of it this week. maybe we will try some baby food soon!
isles loves sitting in her high chair!
with the weather being so nice the past few days we made our first trip to the park.  let's just say it was a hit!!  isla absolutely loved the swings!
she is so chubby!!  it's fantastic!!
this video just makes me smile!  her little laugh is precious!  

little love is so active!  she is always on the move and you can't keep her still for a second!  if joe and i are sitting on the couch she will crawl back and forth between us.  i'm always finding her in a new place... like under tables and chairs!
her crawling has gotten so much better and she is so much faster!
here is a cute video of her crawling.  she loves the phone and will do anything to get to it!

i have been getting things packed up to move (yes it's finally happening!  i promise to post pics of the new house very soon) and isles has been helping.  pans, boxes, and spoons are a great distraction! 
i found this pic on joe's phone.  it was taken last weekend at kate's wedding (isla was almost passed out on my shoulder... way past her bedtime)!
isla really is such a happy baby!  she has brought so much laughter and love to our family, it's hard to imagine our lives without her.
we love you sweet girl!


Callie said...

I watched the swinging video twice. i just love her and that sweet giggle. Happy 6 months sweet girl! We love you!!

kristen said...

you are kidding me with that video! she is so cute! and her voice is so SWEET! happy 6 mo IGB!