Friday, September 23, 2011

week 27...

isla grace is 27 weeks and sweeter than ever!
it's been a crazy week at the baker house... we finally moved!!  
everyone knows that moving is not fun, well it's definitely not fun with a 6 month old!  
but it's done and we are getting things unpacked (which is going to take forever) and isles has been so helpful!
spoons, plates, and cups are excellent distractions...
but the wisk was the favorite!  
we could not have made this move without the help of my mom and dad.  seriously my mom was a life saver.  she entertained isles while joe and i packed, loaded, and moved everything!!  thanks so much nay nay and pops we love y'all so much and are so thankful for everything!  can't wait until we can help you move to the big D!
in the midst of moving we started some baby food.  i was told to give veggies first so we started with green beans... and that did not go over so well.  she hated it!  i can't really blame her so maybe we will just skip the veggies and try some fruit!
isla has been such a sweet girl with all this craziness going on... never mind that she didn't wear clothes for an entire day!
this video is so precious!  it's the last video taken in our old house.  
as you saw on the previous post isla had her first half birthday this week!  
love you big girl!

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