Thursday, September 8, 2011

week 25...

i really can't believe how quickly each week goes by... it's already thursday...
and someone is already 25 weeks old!
these might be my favorite pics yet... she was really posing it up for the camera today!  

last friday was my 30th birthday!  that is definitely weird to say!  i'm looking forward to my 30's... i think there will be so many fun things in the next 10 years and so many changes... who know's what my life will look like when i turn 40!  
so my 30th birthday was spent at home with some of my very best friends... and it was perfect!  my friends kat, aimee, and brandie had a little party for me at our house.  they made some cute decorations and had lots of candy and some yummy peanut butter brownies!  kat and aimee found the brownie recipe on pinterest and even though it took like 4 hours to make them and 7 steps... they were delicious!!  it was just so special to celebrate my 30th with such wonderful friends.  thanks aimee, brandie, kat, shea, linds, kristen, and jules!  love you girls!
then on saturday one of my sweet friends, (she took isla's newborn pics) kate got married!!!  so we drove to austin for the wedding which was so gorgeous!  it really was one of my favorite weddings... simple, sweet, gorgeous venue,  and fun little personal touches like tiff's treats as favors!!  the only thing i'm sad about is that i don't have any pics... so sad!  as soon as they are posted on kate's blog i will be sure and share them.  congratulations kate and jo, we are just thrilled for you both!

sunday we spent a little time relaxing in the pool!
isla and meryl got to spend some good quality time together this weekend.  meryl is just so sweet with isles... they are too cute together.  meryl is always saying "isla hold you" and just pulls isla into her lap.  she gives her hugs and kisses.  i wish i had a video of meryl talking... she is so great with her words and her conversations are adorable!  these two are definitely going to be besties forever... BFFE!  (please excuse the blue boy jammies... you can tell who put her to bed)
aimee and meryl getting some cuddles in!
we have been spending more time outside this week because the weather has been so nice!!  i'll take 90 any day!
just playing with momma...
we also started rice cereal this week!  she is growing up so fast!  i have a video of the first bite but haven't uploaded it yet.  i will post it soon.  most of it ended up on her face or bib but she didn't seem to hate it!
we love you sweet girl!

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David and Kathrin said...

we had SUCH a blast celebrating the big 30!!!! Love you!!