Thursday, August 18, 2011

week 22...

here is our sweet, happy 5 month old!  
i think this face is hilarious!  she seems pretty disgusted about something!
i finally got birth announcements sent out this week!  i know isla is 5 months old but it took me forever to pick out a picture and i'm such a procrastinator!  i LOVE them!  the announcements turned out just perfect!!  the picture was taken during her newborn photo shoot with the amazing kate (who is getting married in 2 weeks... yay)!  and the announcement was designed by aimee!  aim is one of my dearest friends and she is so creative and talented.  she can make anything you want so if you need some cute announcements, or invites, or any kind of card aimee can do it!!  just look how precious these are...
delaney sent me this sweet video of jillian kissing baby isla's announcement.  jillian calls her "I" which is so adorable!  J and I are going to be great friends!
daddy and isles are having such a fun time together while momma works!  she is always worn out when i get home!
joe sent me this video while i was at work yesterday and i couldn't stop laughing!  they definitely had a big day, isla was exhausted!

we went swimming in our new pool for the first time this week!  joe took a break from working so hard and we all enjoyed a little pool time!  
we have been working on sitting up.  she is getting much better at it!  she can sit for a couple of minutes without any support before she decides she would rather be on her belly!  (i know she looks like a little boy in these jammies but i bought them before i knew what we were having and i love the guitars!)
she is still putting everything in her mouth... even her clothes!
love that chubby belly and so in love with our sweet girl!

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