Friday, August 12, 2011

week 21...

such a sweet little girl!
isla LOVES being on her tummy and army crawling around the floor!
aren't these bloomers the cutest!!!  i'm so glad she can finally wear them!
Picnik collage
love that sweet profile!  her cheeks are so round... it's awesome!
isles has discovered the water bottle!  i'm not even sure why we buy toys she could be just as happy playing with a water bottle and spoon!  oh the little things...
aren't footed jammies the cutest!
i'm telling you she is literally always on her tummy!  i will lay her down and she rolls right over and starts looking for something to play/chew on!  if i leave the room she is usually off the blanket and headed somewhere!
isla is still such a happy baby.  i know i don't have anything to compare her to considering she is our first baby but we see a lot of this every day...
abby and her frisbee!!  another one of isla's favorite things to do is watch abby play.  just in the last 2 weeks isla has become very aware of abby.  she stops whatever she is doing the second abby walks in the room and looks at me confused when abby leaves! 
isla found her feet this week!  she will grab for them in her bumbo or laying on her changing table.  it's pretty cute and funny to watch.  i think she is trying to put them in her mouth but that just isn't quite working!
my mom and i took a little trip to ikea last weekend.  isles had fun shopping but wanted to eat all the price tags!
momma's little michelin baby!
today isla actually got up on her hands and knees...
then she just kinda sat there and looked around like 'now what do i do'!  so no crawling yet but i have a feeling we aren't too far away!
can you believe she will be 5 months old!  i find myself saying that every month but the time just goes by so quickly.
little lovey! 

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drjbbgrace said...

I just love this blog, thanks for sharing her day to day life with us, she is changing so fast. I am so blessed to be able to see her every week and watch as she changes. love you both so much. nay nay