Monday, April 11, 2011

week 3...

i know two posts in one day... incredible!  
miss isla is 3 weeks old and i can't believe how fast the time is going.  she changes so much every week and i'm glad i have all these pictures to look back at one day.
mimi and grip (joe's parents) came to visit for the day and we all enjoyed having them here.
check out that serious look she is giving me!
doesn't isla look so small in grips hands! 
(in case you are wondering where the name grip came from, our 
nephews gave him that name because of his strong, firm handshake)
love her!
and she loves her changing table (and paci).
changing table
she is much more alert this week and just stares at everything.  it's so fun watching her 
discover the world around her.  
she doesn't love bath time yet, but she does love cuddling up in her
towel afterwards (and so does mommy).
week 3 we had newborn pics taken by our dear friend kate.
kate and i go way back to our college days and it was so great to see her and spend the day with her, not to mention the fantastic pictures she took!  we took some at the house and then we got a few at the dallas arboretum before i had a minor incident with a punctured foot, followed by an afternoon in urgent care (i know exciting).  here is just a sneak peak at her work and don't worry i will let everyone know when all the pics are ready!  thanks kate!



Lindsey Daigle said...

Ahh I need to see her again soon! She seems so alert and aware! I love her!! :) Love all the pictures... you're my inspiration to keep up!

Jeffbarstad said...

she is so so freakin gorgeous. love her! so sad that we only got to see you guys for a little bit the other day but I am more sorry about your war wound! that was terrible!! i hope you are feeling better. miss all of yall!

drjbbgrace said...
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drjbbgrace said...

love the new pictures of isla. You are doing a good job on the blog. like I said the time disappears when you have a baby. looking forward to my weekly visit. love yall