Thursday, August 25, 2011

week 23...

here's our little love this week!  
she was very squirmy this week and kept trying to eat her skirt!
we have decided the bumbo might be more fun to chew on than sit in!
i got some of my favorite pictures of her this week!  i love when i can capture her fun personality in a picture!
isla wants to crawl so bad!  we had our first busted lip this week :(  she hasn't figured out to move her hands so she just throws herself forward.  of course she does this on the hardwood floors and busted her top lip open.  i definitely panicked and completely overreacted (it seemed like a lot of blood at the time)!  thank goodness joe was there or i would have driven her straight to the emergency room!  and after a few minutes of cuddling she was over it!
i can't quite figure out why she is infatuated with abby's frisbee!!
loving on george!
we have been working on sitting up.  she is getting pretty good at it but eventually flops onto her belly so she can move around...
and isla is always keeping an eye on abby... especially when she is playing with the frisbee!
isn't she so cute in her little strawberries!
she is always on all fours just staring at the ground in front of her.  i have a funny video of her crawl that she is doing now but for some reason didn't upload it.  i will post it soon!
everything goes straight in her mouth!
isles loves playing with her toys (or water bottles, remotes, keys, and phones)!
gettin' some abby sugars!
(abby got groomed today so there is definitely an isles and abbs photo shoot in the near future)
one of my favorite parts of the day is going in to get isla out of bed in the morning.  i will watch her on the monitor in the mornings and she will roll around in her crib and play for quite awhile, but as soon as she hears the door open she stops and looks at the door with a huge smile!  these are the moments i hope i remember forever!
we love you sweet girl!


Lone Star Family said...

Love that beautiful smile! Darn those busted lips, why do they have to bleed so much? I still panic every time K has one.
Hope everything is going well with the new house!

kristen said...

im so glad she is doing better!! that baby girl is too cute and sweet to have a busted lip!! miss that baby girl!

Allison said...

She is just the cutest thing ever!!!