Tuesday, August 14, 2012

olympic wrap-up.

since everyone knows i'm a little obsessed with the olympics this summer this is a brain dump of all things olympics over the last 2 weeks.  i've been completely in love with the summer games.  i will be sad to see them go but i will welcome back sleep!

first of all lets just get it out there.  usain bolt is fast.  but he is also the most annoying person i have ever heard speak.  what ever happened to humility.  just think of the impact this man could have if he ran that fast and had a little bit of integrity and humbleness.  just saying.

synchronized swimming looks crazy hard!  and those girls are very talented.  the outfits... interesting.

i've never watched a soccer game in my life until the past 2 weeks and i have to say it is way more entertaining than i ever thought it would be.  and team USA has some beautiful women!

i won't even go there with water polo.  let's just say, i would drown in about 3 minutes in the pool.   those men and women are in serious, good shape.

i could do without bmx biking.  and trampoline.

oscar pistorius!!  that man is my hero (along with jordyn weiber).  he is so precious, and kind, and doesn't try to gain anything from being disabled.  in fact he doesn't even think of himself as disabled.  he was just so happy and grateful to be competing at the olympics.  now oscar is a living legend usain bolt.

i love allyson felix.  she is too cute!

gymnastics.  it will always be my favorite.  those girls are so cute and so incredibly talented.  i wish jordyn would have been able to compete in the all around, we all missed out on that one.  but so happy for gabby and aly.

michael phelps is amazing!  missy franklin is so good and so cute!  that girl has so much personality and it's fun to watch her.  nathan adrian and ryan lochte... HOT! :)  katie ledecky won a gold medal at 15 years old in the 800 meter free... that's a lot of swimming!

rowing... i wish i had their arms.

usa won gold and silver in the decathlon!  that pretty much makes us awesome in my book.

final medal count for the 2012 olympics.  usa = 104 medals total, 46 gold, 29 silver, & 29 bronze.  that's a lot of medals coming back home.  way to make us proud team usa!!  already looking forward to rio 2016!

and just a cute video of lovey dancing...

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