Monday, August 27, 2012

17 months.

happy 17 months isles!
i know this is a little late but we have been at the beach!!  plenty of pics to come about our family trip.   isla is definitely developing her own little personality and with that comes what SHE wants/thinks she needs!  

my favs at 17 months:
her words are so cute... love that little voice.
she has started putting words together like "bye bye dada or dog or mama", and "what's that?", or pointing and saying "that's isla" when she see's her picture.  
pointing and saying "ease" which is please... only she say's it for everything!
12 total teeth... 8 top and 4 bottom
her newest word is "mamoon" = balloon.  it's too cute when she say's it.
still in love with dogs or "dawwwgs"
busy, busy, busy!!  the girl could run for hours!
she is doing so good with her words... dora, horse, cow, banana (nana), clap, go, please, thank you, bye bye, monkey
she will sit in the corner of the living room and just read her books to herself.  i sure wish i knew what that little mind was thinking.
absolutely loves other kids.  we are so blessed to live in such a great neighborhood and have so many kids around isla's age.  she will walk down to their house and stand in front staring at the door.  i guess she thinks if she stands there long enough they will come out.  
still loves the fresh beat band.  so thankful for a dvd player during the 10.5 hour drive to the beach!
she will eat most anything... so grateful!
we say ready, set, go and she runs really fast across the room.
always say's "pow" when she gives you high five... daddy taught her that.
smiles and say's cheese when she see's my phone.
her dance moves are out of control awesome!!  she must get it from her momma!

love you sweet girl!


happy 17 months!

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