Tuesday, July 31, 2012

hello instagram.

ok guys... oh the olympics!!!  
for real i'm addicted.  there is no way around it.  it's the the most inspiring, heart breaking, athletic, beautiful, emotional, nerve-wracking, fantastic thing!  i like sports and i occasionally watch them on tv (usually just the aggies) but the olympics has me wrapped around its little finger.  i will sacrifice sleep and even food for it... that's huge!  these athletes are just incredible.  not only physically but mentally.  i can't even believe the amount of self discipline, patience, and will power it must take to compete like they do.  amazing!  can i just start my life over and be a gymnast!?  maybe ;)
i can't even begin to watch all the events (i'm not even sure if half of them are televised) but if i could i so would!  love swimming, and volleyball, and of course gymnastics, and that synchronized diving is so fun too!  
can you imagine being the athletes parents!?  i can't.  i'm sure i would die of a heart attack.  i tear up every time they show the parents in the stands, and i cry every time someone medals... i know, such a girl.  and that jordyn weiber.  oh my heart just breaks for her.  can the camera man please give her a break, she is just a kid!!!  but what an awesome, classy, mature girl to be so disappointed but come out and freaking nail it in the team final.  that is the kind of role model i want my daughter to have.  pure class, she's amazing!  we love you jordyn!!
and we love the USA!!
ok, i've rambled on long enough about the olympics but seriously if you haven't been watching you are missing out!

how excited do you think i was when we showed up to work the day of opening ceremonies of the olympics and katie and i were matching!!  ly katie!
team USA!!
blowing kisses to dada...
she thinks it's so fun to pour water on the table.  maybe it is... who knows!?
first ice cream cone...
was a hit!  surprised?
silly little grin!
current art project...
just a disclaimer, i do not give my daughter diet coke.  but she did take a sip... and smiled.  proud moment.
lunch date with pearse.
not sure why isla thinks this is ok.  but she is cute!
isles loves the water table.
sweet girl.
love you isla grace!
have a good week!  and happy olympics!


kristen said...

the olympic outfits that were not planned are like my favorite thing ever. y'all are the cutest friends. and isla grace KILLS me in that denim top and yellow bloomers. LOVE HER.

kristen said...

and hello! of course she smiled after that diet coke! heaven!!

Alaina Knop said...

you know what, I think isla is getting ready to sing in that picture of her in her high-chair. she is showing you her stage-presence. all leading up to her high-profile career that will let you live in new york city!

kristen said...

the girls and I were waiting for something to load so I put it on your blog and avery smiled so big and made sassy come over to see isla and then they just sat and smiled and laughed at every pic! love that baby girl over here!

jennifer said...

alaina--- yes! isla will definitely fulfill my dreams of living in NYC... i just know it!
kris--- we love you barstads so much! everytime y'all leave isla looks out the window for like an hour waiting for the kids to come back.