Sunday, July 22, 2012

16 months.

happy 16 months little love!
this has been a fun month.  isla is getting so much more expressive, and chatty, and hilarious... she keeps us laughing all day!  we feel so blessed.

16 month favorite's:
her silly laugh.
her big smile and squinty eyes when we say 'cheese'.
i love how she says dog.  dawwwwg with this southern drawl... it's so funny!
she has discovered the chalkboard and loves to draw.
isla loves saying no.  right now it's cute but i'm sure one day it won't be.
she absolutely cannot walk, she must run everywhere!  which has led to quite a few bloody lips, scratched up knees, and stubbed toes (not a favorite).
loves to read.  
isla definitely needs time to herself, she will just go sit and play with her toys or read her books.
isla loves the water.  
big hugs.
the huge gap between her 2 front teeth!  (10 teeth total= 6 top and 4 bottom)
isla carries anything with a handle around like it's a purse.
chase is her favorite game (she is starting to hide) and she laughs so hard when we catch her.
we have to find abby first thing every morning when isla wakes up.
she knows some of her animal sounds.  the cow, dog, monkey, and lion.
her dance moves are awesome!
she so cutely points to her toes, belly, eyes, nose, and mouth.
likes to throw things down just so she can say 'uh-oh'.
such a fun age and such a sweet girl!


we couldn't be more in love.  
happy 16 months isla girl!

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drjbbgrace said...

I agree . I couldn't be more in love.