Thursday, January 12, 2012

week 43...

43 weeks old!
i seriously cannot believe how fast the weeks go by!
such a silly girl...
nay nay and pops bought isla a swing for christmas... she loves it!  
can't wait for some warmer weather so we can enjoy it a little more.
Picnik collage
we made a trip to texarkana for williams birthday party.  and of course i didn't take any pictures... not sure what i was thinking!  it was a good, quick trip.  isles met lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins for the first time and nanny (her great grandmother).  it was good to see everyone but sad not having vicki there.
isla got some cute toys (thanks bill, donna, kim, and hannah).  she loves playing with her tea party set.  it cracks me up how she stacks everything on top of the box...
Picnik collage
we got to see linds, jack, and jet on our weekly northpark trip.  the kiddies love the turtles and ducks!
Picnik collage
these two love each other!  isla is fascinated by kids and jack is so sweet to isles.  lots of hugs and kisses. 
Picnik collage
she tried so hard to climb up the wall... it was so cute watching her!  she wanted to play like the big kids.
Picnik collage
isles and daddy...
Picnik collage
we love you isla grace.
 more than you know...

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