Saturday, January 14, 2012

i like to dance!

isla found her moves!  
she started dancing this week and it's hilarious.  
any time music starts playing she shakes her head and sways back and forth... it's just too precious!! 
maybe one day she will be one of those girls on so you think you can dance that makes me cry every time i watch because they are so incredibly talented... it all starts here right!?
here's a little peak (ok, she mainly just watches the kids on tv dance and sing but it's still cute).
and she almost takes her first unassisted step before she realizes what she is doing...

p.s.  thank you fresh beat band for all the
 catchy songs that get stuck in my head for weeks!


Lone Star Family said...

So cute, she's gonna be walking before you know it! I always get that song in my head too. "We had a great day. The very best day... :)

mike+aim+meryl said...

nice moves sweet lady!!

drjbbgrace said...

she loves her dancing. So much fun to watch her grow and change everyday. thanks for the blog sweetie.

Alexis said...

She is sooo cute. Her little thighs are to die for. My little one is 14 months so "baby dancing" melts my heart!

I creeped over from lullaby lubbock. I always feel the need to let people know who I am not friends with. Seems less creeperish :)