Thursday, January 5, 2012

week 42...

little 42 week old love!
i love this face!!  
so happy to be 42 weeks old!
we finally got to see nay nay and pops!  it was sad not to see them at christmas but we had a fun visit after...
Picnik collage
isla finally got to meet her great grandpa grace...
Picnik collage
all the boys with isla!
enjoying some avocado and black beans... yum!  the girl is such a good eater... she definitely get's that from her mom!!  she will literally eat anything (at least for now) and i'm so thankful!  
Picnik collage
we got to meet sarah for lunch this week.  it was so good to catch up.  love you say say!
Picnik collage
my little elf!
how cute is that sweater!?  it was on sale at gap and i'm so glad delaney and katie made me get it!!  isles just looks so adorable in it!
Picnik collage
and she loves playing with her new toys!
i promise i don't make my daughter wear a sweater and hood when she is playing...  it just made such cute pics!
Picnik collage
daddy and isla playing!  i love getting sweet pics while i'm at work... 
Picnik collage
always so happy after a nap!  she is trying to climb up the crib rails... such a mess!
Picnik collage
this owl hat is one of my favorite things ever!!  cuteness!
Picnik collage
why can't i keep you this age forever!? 
love you isles!


Kate said...

I miss you guys! I can't believe how big that little owl is getting!! So cute!!

kristen said...

forever and ever. love it.