Thursday, December 22, 2011

week 40...

40 weeks old!  
i can't believe isla will be 1 in only 14 weeks!  crazy!!
we were supposed to be spending the week in colorado with my family but lets just say a 9 month old that hates being in the car seat (especially for 14 hours) and a blizzard make a very bad travel combo!
so instead we are having a very lazy week at home.
Picnik collage
isla has been saying a lot of dadadada this week.  a couple of times she said dada when joe walked in the room.  we can't call it her first words quite yet but i'm sure it will be... maybe mama will be soon to follow.
will you check out that belly!
Picnik collage
isla loves to drag everything out of the cabinets... it's a great distraction!
Picnik collage
when we say "yay" and clap our hands isla has started clapping.  it's so cute!
so happy when you come in to get her from her nap.  she likes playing peek-a-boo through the crib...
Picnik collage
i just love that sweet smile... it's the best thing to wake up to everyday.
Picnik collage
you are such a sweet blessing isla grace.  we love you!
Picnik collage

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