Friday, December 9, 2011

week 38...

hello week 38... 
and winter, cute furry coats, boots, christmas trees, santa, and adorable stockings!
i know best mom ever letting her stand up on a chair that swivels... oops!
i'm loving this cold weather and all the cuteness that comes with it!  
fun hats, cute boots, hoodies, and fur!
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
we are trying to incorporate lots of different finger foods into isla's meals.  she loves green beans... go figure!  she is eating 3 meals a day of baby food/finger foods.  i feel like all she does is eat all day!
Picnik collage
isla still loves her bath time.  she likes to drink the water out of her cup and play with her toys.  
Picnik collage
we had a play date this week with cara and emmet.  isla had so much fun!  she wanted to climb all over emmet and he was so sweet letting her pull his hair.  and cara kept giving isla all her toys and letting her play with them... such sweet kiddos!  can't wait to see them all grow up together.
Picnik collage
the b's stayed a couple of days with us and it was so fun just hanging out and catching up.  i think isla and meryl loved playing with each other.  meryl cracks me up.  the first thing i heard from her room when she woke up in the morning was 'isla still sleeping?'  she loves isla and plays so well with her.  she is going to be such a good big sis :)
of course it wouldn't be a good week at the baker house without a couple trips to northpark!  
we went with nay nay and pops and watched a christmas program (aren't they all so cute in their matching plaid)
Picnik collage
we hung our fantastic stockings that kristen made me!  she truly is the best, most talented friend ever.  it all started with a text asking kristen if she thinks i can make stockings (which i'm definite that i cannot) and ended with the best stockings i've ever seen.  she put so much time and thought into each one of them and they are so so special to me.  i know we will have them forever!  thank you so much kris!  i'm just so proud of them and show them off to everyone.  (isla loves them too!)
Picnik collage
how cute are these christmas jammies!  we are so excited about celebrating isla's first christmas. 
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
and our big event of the week was visiting santa for the first time.  i'm not gonna lie, it was quite an ordeal.  it takes like 4 hours to get to see the santa at northpark but after a lot of santa research around the metroplex i discovered why the wait is so long... he's the best santa!  if i were a kid i would definitely believe he was the real santa, with that awesome beard, rosy cheeks, and cute little house with the fire... perfect!  so i got our number and we came back 3 hours later to meet santa...  
there were no tears but isles was so confused and pretty much had a terrified look the entire time!
i love this picture... she almost looks like she likes him.
can't believe you are so grown up isla grace... we love you sweets!

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kristen said...

i just love the santa pics so much!! that girl cracks me up!! and i love the stockings and so glad you like them!!! they look so pretty on the fireplace! and meryl oh my gosh, she is so cute!! i love seeing those girls together!!