Thursday, December 15, 2011

week 39...

39 weeks old (2 days away from 9 months)... so crazy!!
she cracks me up with that baby belly hanging out!
isla knows exactly what is going to happen when i put her in this chair and is immediately looking for the numbers to chew on...
in to everything!
isla has learned how to open cabinet doors and she loves to pull all her clothes out of the drawers when i'm doing laundry.  silly girl...
she loves the phone.  it's amazing how quickly they pick up on everyday things like holding the phone to your ear to talk.  so amazing and cute!
she is turning in to such a big girl so fast! love handles...
richardson has the cutest santa land and every year i say i'm going to go but never do.  well this year we finally made it to santa land and it's awesome!  they have tons of little houses set up and each house has a different activity like making ornaments, decorating christmas cookies, or visiting with santa.  it's really the cutest thing.  isla isn't really old enough for the activities but she loved watching all the people and looking at the lights.  
isla and daddy!
abby got groomed this week and you can always tell she feels pretty when she comes home!
we found out some really exciting news this week!  some of our best friends, clayton and linds, are having a baby in may and they found out this week it will be a sweet baby boy!!  we couldn't be more excited for them and i know they will be the best parents!  they are two of the most fun, genuine, loyal friends i know.  can't wait to meet baby shep... we love you uncle clayt and auntie linds!
isla is at such a fun age right now.  i just love watching her discover the things around her.  it seems she is doing or learning something new everyday.  
that is one happy, chubby baby!!
we love you sweets!

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lindsey said...

thanks so much for the shout out!!! you will have to teach me everything you know about being a mom! love y'all so much. love isla's owl hat, too...i need that in my size!