Wednesday, December 5, 2012

big day.

yep.  this kind of day deserves its very own post.  
our little lady had her very first pig tails!! 
and let me just tell you she was the cutest!  i absolutely could not wait until the day when isla could sport some cute little piggies, and it was more adorable than i could have imagined!  she could have had them sooner but every time i thought about it i never had the right rubber bands.  so i finally got some tiny rubber bands and...
we have piggies!!!
she just kept looking at herself in the mirror and pointing and smiling.  the sweetest!
then our attention turned to playing with the faucet...
and of course we had to show off our cute little piggies at target.  she should totally be in a target commercial!
thanks for indulging me and my crazy happiness about pig tails.
happy wednesday!

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kristen said...

these are the cutest piggies I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!