Thursday, December 20, 2012

21 months.

our baby is turning into a big girl so fast!
isla is so so funny these days.  talking all the time, always running (we apparently don't know how to walk), and definitely forming her own opinions about what she wants and likes.
here are some of my 21 month faves:

those pig tails... oh, how i love some piggies!
lots of talking!  no sentences but we mostly know what she is saying. 
copies what we say... little mime!
isla can count!  i know... crazy.  we were in the bathtub one night and i said '1, 2' and she said '3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8'.  i was shocked!  sad part is she didn't learn it from us, i guess a little nick jr isn't a bad thing.
still loves 'doggies', especially her ab-eee.
her monkey or 'mimi' as she likes to call it is her most favorite thing ever.
isles say's 'hi' and 'bye' to everyone when we walk around target.  she seems very comfortable in that store... i have no idea why :)
hide-n-seek is her new favorite game.
isla ran rode in her first organized race this month.  she loved riding in the stroller and saying hi to everyone at the jingle bell run.
tv favorites:  yo gabba gabba, fresh beat band, umizoomi, and dora (i thought i could escape this one).
isla tells the sweetest little secrets.
reading books with her is so funny.  she has started to memorize her favorite books and will say a few of the words from each page.
she likes to talk about santa... a lot!  but not so crazy about sitting with him.
isles had her first ear infection this month.  thankfully some antibiotics cleared it right up.
only wants to sit in a regular chair to eat, no more high chair or booster.
oh, and isla was #99 on the most popular girl names for 2012!
we are just so thankful for our isla girl, she has made our life even sweeter.

doesn't she look like cindy lou who!?  those piggies and that red, collared shirt!
hope everyone has a holly jolly christmas!

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kristen said...

freakin gorgoeus isla!! ahhhh!