Saturday, April 14, 2012

funny girl.

this video cracks me up!  
these are the moments i want to remember... the everyday ones.  
the funny, quirky little things isla does that make us laugh!  

p.s. sorry about the lack of posts.  a very sad thing happened this week.  i use picnik to edit my pictures and make them into collages and this week picnik closed!  so long story short, i'm trying to find a new way to make photo collages so if anyone has any advice please share!!!  it's really so sad and i'm a little mad at google for taking it away... but i'm pretty sure google doesn't care what i think.  


blog postagens said...

Hello Jennifer, I am speaking of Brazil, came to give some suggestions for programs for photo editing, I use Photoscape is very good for an editor who edits photos home, he is not paid, nor the internet, you have to download and it will be installed on your computer. I also use Picasa, is also a program to download, which is not paid, and is saved on your computer, and you can use whenever you want. The two have several beautiful effects, and in them, you can also make collages. Look for tutorials on google and you will see how easy it is to edit them. By the way, I love your blog, it's all so beautiful and delicate here, congratulations.

drjbbgrace said...

I love you isla grace!

Lindsey Daigle said...

So cute! Just caught myself up on the blog... I've been missing out! Play date soon since layton is walking!! :)