Monday, April 2, 2012

curls & kites

first of all, let me state the obvious... my child has no hair! 
it doesn't matter we love her just the way she is but i did get a little teary and do a very excited momma dance (which isla thought was hilarious) when i saw these precious tiny curls today.
Picnik collage
i know it's kinda hard to see in the pictures.  and it's probably just the result of some serious bed-head but i definitely took the thought that my daughter could have some sweet little curls one day and ran with it!

we had a fun afternoon at the park flying the kite and walking abby!
isla had so much fun with the leash and walking abby all around... those two are destined to be besties! 
Picnik collage
i'm not sure why my husband owns a kite but he does and i'm so thankful!  it was so fun to fly it!  
she might be small but she is fast and determined.
 isla was definitely on a mission to get to the playground... and the rocks!
she walked the whole way and never even turned around, it was hilarious!
Picnik collage
she will sleep good tonight.
Picnik collage
isla loves the rocks!
Picnik collage
so happy!
have a good week.
and happy birthday aimee!!  welcome to 30!

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Aim said...

Aww thx pretty lady! It's not so bad huh?!!;) xo!!