Saturday, November 12, 2011

week 34...

34 weeks old!  
our baby is quickly becoming a big girl!  she is very adventurous and learning new things everyday.  
always trying to put something in her mouth!
did a little shopping (and playing) at ikea this week.  the tunnel was a big hit!  wouldn't this be a fun christmas present...
Picnik collage
check out these moccasins!!!  i think they might be the cutest thing ever.  i need them in my size!
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lots of standing happening around here these days.  isla does not want to be sitting, she wants to stand everywhere.  she has gotten really good at pulling herself up on everything.  she cruises along the furniture and will move from the ottoman to the couch and back.  like i said before she is very adventurous and not all the attempts are successful... it's pretty amazing how she just bounces off the floor and keeps going.  babies are so resilient! 
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just a little side note... notice the grey ottoman in the pics above.  i have been on an obsessive hunt for the perfect baby friendly ottoman/coffee table.  well i couldn't find a cute one in our budget so joe and i decided to make one.  it turned out perfectly! don't worry there is a special ottoman edition post coming soon!

isla loves her toys and moves from one to another playing.  but her most favorite things are abby's frisbee, the remote control, and my phone!
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isles started eating some finger foods this week.  she loves puffs!  those puffs really are such a smart thing and taste good.  she also likes the baby mum mums rice crackers.  a great distraction!
she stands up and talks in her crib until you go into get her... then you get the biggest smiles!
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still just the one tooth on the bottom.  but i'm thinking the other bottom tooth will be here any day now!
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chewing on the crib rails is a new thing...
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nay nay was here this week so of course we had to shop!  the fountains at northpark were very entertaining!  isn't she the cutest...
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always on the go...
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we love you sweets!

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