Friday, November 4, 2011

week 33...

happy 33 weeks isla grace!
isn't she so cute in a hood!  i'm now on a hunt for every hoodie in dfw!!  
all smiles and giggles today!
i don't have too many pics this week (not sure why).  but it has been a fun week.  isla has really found her voice this week.  she has always made little sounds and squeals but this week she started talking in sentences. no, the sentences don't make any sense and she isn't using real words but it definitely sounds like she is talking to someone.  it's so cute and funny to listen to!
Picnik collage
and this cold weather has made me realize i absolutely love baby winter clothes!  tiny coats with boots and leggings are just the cutest!  daddy picked out this outfit...  pretty good!
Picnik collage
here she is in her hood again...
Picnik collage
we did a little shopping this week.  i think isla already recognizes northpark... is that sad??  
Picnik collage
there was a cute little band all dressed up for halloween and singing songs in the middle of the mall.
this face is how you know she is very interested in something...
Picnik collage
and then we helped nay nay pick out some new toms!
Picnik collage
our baby is growing up so fast!  she looks like such a big girl in this picture...
we love you isles!

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