Thursday, October 13, 2011

week 30...

the weeks really do fly by... and this little lady is 30 weeks old today!
she was so happy today!
i don't have a ton of pics this week because i had to get a new phone and lost a few pictures.  
isla is at such a fun age.  i'm sure i will find myself saying that every month from here on out but it's just so fun to watch her grow and change!  she is so active... crawling everywhere!  she's moves from toy to toy in the living room examining each one;  she sits in the highchair when we go to restaurants and loves it!  she is definitely a growing little girl and loves to eat (still doesn't like veggies but loves fruit)!  we have had a little bit of quality time as a family this week and it was so fun!  we didn't do much but it's always great to all be together.  
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
(doesn't the new rug make such a great background for pictures!)
joe always sends me the cutest pics while i'm working... what would we do without iphones!  loves standing up in her crib and didn't daddy pick out such a cute outfit!
Picnik collage
isles has been putting her toes in her mouth when we are in the car... weird and cute all at the same time!
Picnik collage
we love you sweets!


Callie said...

YES! The rug is the best background.. plus you are the sweetest little subject ;-)

Callie said...

are=have :-) I mean, you are the sweetest too.. :-)